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Devil's Fingers by Sergio Pessolano

Devil's Fingers 


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4.12.2005 at 19:13h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Lake of Bolsena, Italy
Original shot: Nikon F5, Nikkor 24mm, underexposed -1EV
Editing in Photoshop by replacing the small part with the original water with a wider part of water waves created with the Flood filter


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Kim Clauson, 4.12.2005 at 20:08h

Nice work on this one, like the colors and composition. Sun coming through is also a nice touch.


Daniela Friedrich, 4.12.2005 at 20:43h

hope you reach your upload limit soon or I will stop to make fotos, each picture is better..... The flood filter is discret so it has a good effect without making the foto artifical.

Sergio Pessolano, 4.12.2005 at 21:33h

Thank you Marass. This image was taken in Italy, lake of Bolsena, 100km north to Rome. I replaced the low part of the image (with a small part of water) with a wider part with the digital reflections.

Sissi Blume, 4.12.2005 at 22:25h

Such a great work!!! I love it!

Frank Cecconi, 5.12.2005 at 0:06h

Sergio, you are now beginning to depress me ... how can one take consistently great shots like this? Well done, again ;-) Rgds

Ray Steinberg, 5.12.2005 at 0:18h

Beautiful !!!


Wen P, 5.12.2005 at 9:13h

I like how it massages my eyes. Very interesting. I like the manipulation, very nice.

Ank Alecu, 6.12.2005 at 10:17h

sweet dude..

Senem G, 7.12.2005 at 0:32h

nice composition
weLL done..

Christian Fürst, 8.12.2005 at 9:15h

amazing colour here. however, very quiet compared with the liveliness of your others.

Dragomir Vukovic, 8.12.2005 at 10:09h

incredible touch

Henrique Augusto, 8.12.2005 at 14:05h

I have a series called 'perpendicularis'. that image would fit in the collection.

S. K. G. S., 9.12.2005 at 12:39h

very interesting work

Christoph Hammann, 13.12.2005 at 15:37h

But for your little postscript, you almost had me believe in the reality of this fantastic landscape. Good work!

Magnus Sjöberg, 18.12.2005 at 19:50h

Hey what a fantastic photo, its so nice, I wish I would have seen it in original. Well done!!!! Greetz Magnus

Renato T., 23.12.2005 at 18:14h

Le dita del diavolo,chiamerei questa foto,
i colori esaltano l'efetto!

wovo, 24.12.2005 at 10:13h


Dennis Veldman, 27.12.2005 at 22:39h


Stefanos Lampridis, 30.12.2005 at 22:46h

Very surreal. If you know how photoshop is an amazing way to get to stuning results. Like yours.
Nevertheless is still a "edited" image. That does not make it worse thow.

I like the figures of the trees and looks like humans that trying to reach the divine...

Greetings, Stefanos

Voting Center, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 38 pro- and 15 contra-votes. Congratulations, Sergio Pessolano :-)

Celal Tayar, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Kai Sehlke, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Ingo Cordes 1, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h

Wonderful colours.

Regards Ingo

Roberto Grilli, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Peter Kis kalóz, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Steve N.S., 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Dennis Veldman, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h

said it before : AMAZING!

Daniela Friedrich, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Abdul Khaliq, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Darinka Mladenovic, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Jutta Washington, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Anastasya Ivanova, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Jacky Kobelt, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Paul Grimshaw, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h

An amazing scene ... the ripples and reflections are almost surreal .. great sky and perfect placement of the sun .. the composition is not quite - branches and a tree stump just peek into left frame - maybe bring them in a shade more and take the right tree slightly closer to the right edge .. without actually being there I dont know .. But lovely shot as usual from the best new member for ages ... Regards, Paul.

Wayne Tsipouras, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Dominic Falcone, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


don ricchilino, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Marguerite L., 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Gabi Dilly, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Pete Burkhard, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h


Kim Clauson, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h

I was first to comment on this and I stand by my comments. PRO!

Karin D. Ludwig, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h

Stunning! +++

Josep A. Collado, 10.01.2006 at 9:11h



Dennis Veldman, 10.01.2006 at 14:09h


Valfoto, 10.01.2006 at 17:24h

Sergio................. fantastic pic

Boris B. Voglar, 10.01.2006 at 20:05h

This is really fantastic, I love the colours, the shapes of the silhuetes, the water waves...


Kat Suvorova, 11.01.2006 at 23:00h

charming view!

Allan Thompson, 12.01.2006 at 18:15h


Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 13.01.2006 at 8:45h

i agree this is the most amazing and colourful photo i have seen.
congrats on the gallery sergio.
all your images should be where they deserve to be in here !


Milan Bystron, 14.01.2006 at 4:04h

Ufffff .... Very good photo ...

Kevin Temple, 15.01.2006 at 12:24h


Zsuzsanna Gácsi, 15.01.2006 at 17:15h

Congratulations, also to your other photos!

Tommie Lehane, 3.04.2006 at 4:31h


You're such an amazing photographer, you should leave the flood filter to the likes of me, who need it for our photos!. Looks false and probably dilutes what must be a great original photo.

I will make the time to revisit your fab. portfolio.


Valeria Violet, 9.04.2006 at 20:49h

grandi colori. molto suggestiva

Gernot Keller, 12.05.2006 at 19:19h

Ciao Sergio,
complimenti - questa composizione mi piace moltissimo.
Saluti - Gernot

Sylver Harris, 12.05.2006 at 20:12h

i love the colors and the lighting

Robert Koch, 10.07.2006 at 13:32h

... very mystical ...

Jess Pasco, 3.08.2006 at 4:24h


Allan Thompson, 12.08.2006 at 23:47h

Most impressive,clearly a masterpiece !!!

Maurizio Zoldan, 15.01.2007 at 8:42h

Altro scatto eccezionale.

William Price, 25.02.2007 at 14:27h

beautifull image...very nice tones
great work
kind regards

Wilhelm H., 4.03.2007 at 21:39h

tremendous atmosphere

Pau Torrens , 11.03.2007 at 14:10h

fantastica foto, genial.


fiordo encantado by Pau Torrens
fiordo encantadonot being discussed
6.3.07, 21:36

Ornella Erminio, 5.11.2007 at 0:10h

sei sempre un maestro con i tuo scatti

JP BARTH, 14.02.2008 at 21:40h

Couleurs explosives, vraiment superbe.

NavajaMM , 2.08.2008 at 17:51h

Impressive... and I like the lower part of the picture very much.

Tamara Trejo, 30.05.2009 at 20:36h

Outstanding. I see this picture as kind spirits. TT

Gerd Eder, 17.01.2010 at 23:52h

Ottimo scatto!


Zbigniew Galucki, 29.06.2010 at 15:12h

Bardzo na tak+++}}}

hrishikesh thakur, 25.03.2011 at 11:24h


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