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The Living Forest (135) : Red Fox by Mark Billiau.

The Living Forest (135) : Red Fox 


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6.01.2011 at 8:00h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
While I was sitting on Christmas morning in a bird-watching hut, this Red Fox suddenly turned up right in front of the shelter and stood there for half a minute, probably completely starved by the cold frost.

Fortunately I had my camera loaded with a 800mm lens and could take a few shots of this striking animal.

It was a wonderful Christmas gift for me from nature.

Dutch name : Rode Vos
German name : Rotfuchs
Latin name : Vulpes vulpes

Location : Nature reserve ‘Walenhoek’ at Niel (Belgium)

A big thanks to BRYAN CRUTE for the kindly nomination of this picture.


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Sylvia Schulz, 6.01.2011 at 8:13h

as für ein Prachtkerl, ich habe diese Art letztens auf einem Parkplatz gesehen, sie suchen jetzt auch nach Futter,
es grüßt Sylvia

Anca Silvia B., 6.01.2011 at 8:22h

Wen hast du getroffen?
Ein sehr gutes Bild,lieber Mark.

BRYAN CRUTE, 6.01.2011 at 8:46h

One of the very best natural fox pictures ive seen !
Hugh compliments Mark.
800mm lens surprised you did not bump it on the nose :-)))


Véronique Soulier, 6.01.2011 at 8:54h

wonderful capture... colors and details are brilliant,

greetings VS

Genius Boy, 6.01.2011 at 8:54h

good composition, well captured. Excellent.

Susanne47, 6.01.2011 at 9:05h

Wow, Mark da ist dir ein Meisterfoto gelungen vom Reineke Fuchs, so nah, einfach super.
Grüessli Susanne

ELEIRBAG, 6.01.2011 at 9:07h

Gratulation. Super Wildlive Foto. VLG Gabriele

Christine Ge., 6.01.2011 at 9:44h

Wenn er nur ein paar Mäuschen findet, kann ihm der harte Winter nichts anhaben.
Eine wundervolle Aufnahme. Das Fell hast Du farblich und strukturell sehr schön herausgearbeitet.
Gruß Tina

vjdj, 6.01.2011 at 10:39h

Wow you lucky one.... An excellent shot!!!! Greetings, vj

Canan Oner, 6.01.2011 at 12:10h

Excellent nature shot Mark..You were so lucky indeed ..

Vera Shulga, 6.01.2011 at 12:18h


Werner R. Albert, 6.01.2011 at 12:42h

A fantastic portrait of this proud animal.
Compliments, Mark !
best wishes

Angelika El., 6.01.2011 at 12:43h

Wonderful animal - great shot - he looks so beautiful! Fantastic sharpness and colours... Impressing moments for you and a real christmas gift!!!


Astrid Buschmann, 6.01.2011 at 14:06h

Das ist eine ganz besonders schöne und gut gelungene Aufnahme von Meister Reineke im Schee, und das am hellen Tag. Meinen Glückwunsch zu diesem Bild.
LG Astrid

Heinz Janovsky, 6.01.2011 at 14:08h

Ein erstklassiges Fuchsportrait. Ganz großes Kompliment.
Gruß Heinz

Gisèle W., 6.01.2011 at 14:56h

En ik kan weer niet meestemmen Mark ( ga mijn account volgende keer op world overschakelen),
maar tel toch maar eentje bij, een overtuigende PROOOOOOOO van mij.
Groetjes, Gisèle

Andrea Sagawe, 6.01.2011 at 15:38h



Josef Kainz, 6.01.2011 at 15:45h

Hübsch ist er ein klasse Foto

Anhertz, 6.01.2011 at 15:53h

This really was a Christmas gift! You made the admission in a great light with a very good composition. It is justly proposed for the gallery!
I envy you for this beautiful shot!
Greetings Anhertz

Dirk Leismann, 6.01.2011 at 16:12h

800mm lens? Guees I need to safe up some cash for such a beast.

Your photo is in perfect sharpness -well done!


Luc Grollie, 6.01.2011 at 16:51h

hiervoor log ik nog es in.......
PRACHTIG Mark !!!!!!

j.a.j.jansen m., 6.01.2011 at 16:56h

Lucky you, a great capture.

Leo_nid, 6.01.2011 at 17:27h

best detail for the cute poser

Gunther Hasler, 6.01.2011 at 17:30h

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Mark, ein wunderbares Foto des hübschen Rotfuchses, dazu in 1a Qualität und in bestem Licht, was ja gerade bei Schnee besonders schwierig ist!
LG Gunther

Vitória Castelo Santos, 6.01.2011 at 17:35h

Wow, ein super klasse Bild!!!
Gefällt mir sehr gut!
LG Vitoria

carinart, 6.01.2011 at 17:55h

Das Bild ist ein wahres Geschenk, für dich und für uns alle!
L.G. Karin

Jacques BURY, 6.01.2011 at 18:08h

Sincèrement, je suis en admiration devant ta galerie.C'est purement et simplement du travail de pro... et des meilleurs.

Wolfgang Rothenbücher, 6.01.2011 at 18:31h

Das glaube ich, dass das ein zusätzlich schönes
Weihnachtsgeschenk für Dich war.
Ein Glücksfall und bestens fotografiert.

Ryszard Basta, 6.01.2011 at 18:38h

wyraznie dobrze mu sie
powodzi. klase foto

Silvia Simonato., 6.01.2011 at 19:07h

Muy buena toma, tiene fuerza esta imagen y está muy bien captada!!!
Saludos Silvia

Deryck, 6.01.2011 at 20:04h

All good things come to those that wait. Your patience in the bird watching hut was well awarded. He is a beautiful animal. Well captured

willy ombret, 6.01.2011 at 20:33h

excellente prise
willy ombret

Magdalenia, 6.01.2011 at 21:08h

Une scène fantastique, magnifiquement captée.
Une image d'une très grande classe.
Bravo Mark !

sailor466, 6.01.2011 at 21:23h

hallo - das ist nicht nur toll sondern grandios mit dieser schärfe und der Tonung!! gratulation!!
m.l.g,. dieter

aline64, 6.01.2011 at 22:04h

Oh quel beau cliché, une belle rencontre et magnifiquement mise en image ! Bravo à toi

TeresaM, 6.01.2011 at 22:44h

Un portrait de toutes beautés, Mark.
++++ pour cette très belle photo.

CsomorLászló, 7.01.2011 at 20:37h

Absolute gallery shot!

Mauro Stradotto, 8.01.2011 at 0:15h

Hai festeggiato il Natale con una fantastica ripresa, complimenti Mark!!!
Un caro saluto,

Voting Center, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h

This photo has been successfully nominated for the gallery with 62 pro- and 13 contra-votes. Congratulations, Mark Billiau. :-)

BRYAN CRUTE, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h

Wildlife photography at its best !
Pro for me.

willy ombret, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Sylvia Schulz, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


mike snead, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Ruth U., 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


JURAFR, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


meije001, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Jürgen Cron, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Alfredo Mazzoni, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Claudio Micheli, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Alessandro Russo, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Fons van Swaal, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Canan Oner, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


lolita cecilia, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


melkart (pepe jaime), 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Kaith Kakavouli, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Franzi48, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Anhertz, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h

Wonderful Wildlife! Pro

Wmr Wolfgang Müller, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


MAURICE CLEGG, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Leo_nid, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Die Mohnblumen, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


adriana lissandrini, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Deryck, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h

Brilliant wildlife shot!

Cyber-Atelier Dolores, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h

pro +++++++++++++++ !!

Didi K., 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


--Opal--, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Luigi Scorsino, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


vittorio L, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Ushie Farkas, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Dolores M., 8.01.2011 at 18:31h

pro++++++++++++++++++++++++++ !

aline64, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Gasser Lisbeth, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Birgit Presser, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Peter Kahle, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Domenico Cosenza, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


CsomorLászló, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Claire Laira, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Alexandru Valentin Iedu, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Anca Silvia B., 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Gundi N., 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


- Edith Vogel, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Mauro Stradotto, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Adele Oliver, 8.01.2011 at 18:31h


Adán Castillo, 8.01.2011 at 18:32h


Hans-Reiner Bohn, 8.01.2011 at 18:32h


Cécile Fischer, 8.01.2011 at 18:32h


Guglielmo Rispoli, 8.01.2011 at 18:32h


Stefano Todde, 8.01.2011 at 18:32h



Mark Billiau., 8.01.2011 at 19:40h

@ everybody who voted pro : thanks very much.
And of course a special thanks to BRYAN CRUTE for the nomination of this picture !


Rackerli, 8.01.2011 at 21:33h

Wonderful image and a really great gift! Congratulations for both! :-)
Have a nice weekend!

Johann Dittmann, 9.01.2011 at 0:26h

Your bird watching paid off with this excellent nature picture of the fox.
Congratulations too for the little star.

Mauro Stradotto, 9.01.2011 at 11:17h

Complimenti Mark, una stella meritata!!!
Un affettuoso saluto, Mauro

Gunther Hasler, 9.01.2011 at 11:20h

Gratulation, Mark, zurecht mit einem Sternchen geschmückt!!
LG Gunther

la lune63, 9.01.2011 at 17:38h

Congratulations with your star for this superbe image.

CsomorLászló, 9.01.2011 at 20:27h


Canan Oner, 10.01.2011 at 10:20h

Congratulations Mark...

s. sabine krause, 11.01.2011 at 17:51h

oh wow!! these two "fox shots" of yours are truly amazing!! what a beautiful and fascinating creature and what perfect captures! they both deserve their little stars, even though i prefer this horizontal shot here, as in the vertical shot the fox looks almost stuffed, as though you are not only a great nature photographer but also a flawless taxidermist ; ))… greetings and congratulations on the gallery spots! sabine.

Jan Rillich, 12.01.2011 at 8:09h

Congratulation, Mark!!

Northbound, 12.01.2011 at 18:15h

Get us more of these, please!

Bernd Ullrich, 21.01.2011 at 16:52h

Superbe ...+++

Linda Herbert, 16.02.2011 at 5:32h

Beautiful!!! My compliments to you Mark. BW ~ Linda

Luciano Cappellini, 9.03.2011 at 17:47h

Fantastic.Congratulation Mark

froekensnork, 19.05.2011 at 23:56h


Nordeifeler, 12.01.2012 at 20:48h

Herrlich..Klasse augenommen..wunderbares Motiv..gefällt mir sehr gut..
ich grüße dich ..Kai..

dirk van Appeldorn, 14.01.2012 at 10:30h

absolutely professional... Wonderful shot!

Andy-Wood, 25.10.2012 at 23:40h

Beautiful portrait of this fox and a fantastic exposure against the white snow. I agree, it does seem like a gift from nature when you experience such a moment.
best regards,

The-lucky, 27.12.2013 at 21:17h

Mark, this is really a great shot! Love this fox

I know, I am late ;-) but I give you a great PRO


Joas Jäger, 8.01.2015 at 17:22h

It's just an amazing picture! The sharpness is perfect and the colors are very artless. The image section is also very nice. It's definitely one of the best fox pictures I've ever seen - Very well done!
Best regards, Joas

RoyHenry Photography, 17.02.2015 at 19:15h

Wonderful capture, Mark

tamalou, 27.02.2015 at 9:53h

beau cliché bravo
amitié patrick

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