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The Holy Bath by Sergio Pessolano

The Holy Bath 


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6.12.2005 at 20:16h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Varanasi, India - The sacred ablutions of the faithfuls in the Ganges, at dawn in a ghat reserved to the women
Nikon F100, Nikkor 80-200mm, 1/350"@f 2.8, Ektachrome E100 VS


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Stefan Stuecklschweiger, 6.12.2005 at 20:19h

i love the many marvellous colours...

Bc. Günther Kubiza, 6.12.2005 at 21:46h

I am very pleased to have found you here. i love your work. i added you to my favourite contacts.

kind regards, Kubi

Robert van der Sanden, 6.12.2005 at 21:58h

Beautiful, vibrant colors and a nice, warm lighting. The people's faces tell a story. Quite a busy picture but that's fine. I keep looking at it...

Vladimir Danilov, 6.12.2005 at 22:26h

What a mix of emotions! I can just hear: "bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-blablablablabla" 8-)).
Every women lives her own life.

Christian Fürst, 6.12.2005 at 23:11h

moments in life one doesn't want to miss

Dennis Maloney, 7.12.2005 at 0:07h

Sergio, you are the master of capture...this is a wonderful picture of a wonderful moment in time...thanks, so much, for sharing it with me...den

Oliver M. Trash.Mania, 7.12.2005 at 0:23h

wow ... It´s very good !

Brad Waldera, 7.12.2005 at 2:17h

Great colors. You can see the sunshine on key spots here. Very good.

Dieter Craasmann, 7.12.2005 at 6:54h

A very impressing image of this lively holy ceremony.
Very beautiful in colour and mood.
A phantastic foto.
Best wishes

Henrique Augusto, 7.12.2005 at 11:31h

how we say in Brazil: "do caralho"!!!

Anastasya Ivanova, 7.12.2005 at 14:05h

This...I am wondering how clean the watre of this river is here...I know they often bathing in the river. Good photo.

Sissi Blume, 7.12.2005 at 19:55h

It moves my Soul!!!

Abdul Khaliq, 7.12.2005 at 21:33h

I am surprised, how they allowed you to take the picture their, you are the only man at that time i think.
Appreciate your dedication, once again you captured bundle of emotions, expressions and colors.

Frank Cecconi, 8.12.2005 at 3:18h

Again, absolutely stunning!

Ronny Couwenberg, 8.12.2005 at 9:01h

I can't take my eyes of the beautiful colours, the activity, not just an activity, it's a holy ritual.
It's so "wow" the right word??
......It's more!!.... than that

Voting Center, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 37 pro- and 13 contra-votes. Congratulations, Sergio Pessolano :-)

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

just amazing colours and a memory of life.

Mick ., 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

love it

Der Oybe, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h


Kai Sehlke, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h


Dennis Veldman, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

This is an Amazing image, the colors are beautiful, the width of the photograph is very well done and the ladies who are enjoying their moment here look gorgeous.
The DOF is well done too, the ladies in front really come out of my screen.

Colin Karpeta, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

Brilliant image Sergio, inspirational.

Marc Erpelding, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

Great scenery full of life. The colours and the light are!

Robert Riley, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

Technically, not the best, but that doesn't matter to me. PRO

PINDORIUS, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h


Vladimir Danilov, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

No doubt, PRO!

Jan Van Der Hooft, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

Nice shot

Daniela Friedrich, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h


Ruud van der Lubben, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

PRO !!!

Kim Clauson, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

Great image Sergio! You seemed to capture a great moment in time. PRO!

Anastasya Ivanova, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

Just have no reason not to give it a pro. GOod work!

Wen P, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

Not a second thought about it.

S. K. G. S., 10.12.2005 at 22:55h


Jutta Washington, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h


Jacqueline Chay, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

Colour and movement Great.

Roberto Grilli, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h


Celal Tayar, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h


Sachin Pangaonkar, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

I do agree that the image is excellent, but If its a region ment for women it means its sacred ! And they definately don't want men to see them bathing.

Sorry , Sachin

Dominic Falcone, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h


Abdul Khaliq, 10.12.2005 at 22:55h

@ Sachin, i do agreee what you said. But its a photgrapher's dedication and risk to capture rare moments and that too is with highly technical.


Sergio Pessolano, 11.12.2005 at 0:04h

Thank you to all.
Sachin, I was on a boat far from the ghat. It wasn't forbidden to take photos and, more, I asked the permission to my guide in advance. Sorry, but I am a professional: I always know how I have to manage a situation and I have had never problems.

Abdul Khaliq, 11.12.2005 at 6:37h

Congratulations !! Sergio you done it again.

Nea Harriet Barman, 11.12.2005 at 22:15h

One of the most impressing captures iwe seen.

Juan W, 12.12.2005 at 16:30h

Nice picture!!!! i like it!!!!!

Ektor Coughanour, 13.12.2005 at 2:18h


Mehmet Kose, 13.12.2005 at 9:52h

wonderfull.. Excellent colours and image.Greetings

Victor Servián, 13.12.2005 at 16:57h

Un arco iris de colores. Hermosa Fotografia.

Rarindra Prakarsa, 15.12.2005 at 14:37h

very good in every aspect

Dennis Veldman, 15.12.2005 at 17:32h

@ stefan : from 5 kilometers?

Renato T., 23.12.2005 at 18:23h

La fede di un popolo...raccontata passo a passo
attraverso il tuo obbiettivo!
Sergio...SEI FORTE

Stefanos Lampridis, 30.12.2005 at 22:44h

Great opportunity then! I'm glad that you make a photo out of it. Many would not. (My self inluded)

Rosana Ziemba, 8.01.2006 at 8:00h

Great light and moment. I love it.

Milan Bystron, 15.01.2006 at 14:28h


Sergio Pessolano, 31.01.2006 at 13:52h

Hi Evita,
Thank you for taking time to comment this photo. I repeat again (and again, and again...), for you:
1) It was allowed to take pictures, so the permission of my guide was the permission of the women
2) The women were very glad for my interest
3) Have you ever been in India? Maybe no, otherwise you don't make me these questions: in India the people aren't like many of us.

Sergio Pessolano, 31.01.2006 at 14:24h

Sorry for my English... "many (and not most) of us": I mean always ready to see the worst and not the best appearance of the things and of the actions. I was right: you never been in India, otherwise you would know that the ablutions in the Ganges aren't a "religious ceremony", but an everyday joyful activity.
Kind Regards.

Sergio Pessolano, 31.01.2006 at 15:42h

Sorry for the misunderstanding Evita, but India is a very particular, unique, place: there all is sacred and all is secular at the same time. I have been in India nine times and everytime I come back is always as the first one.

Ansgar Hillebrand, 2.02.2006 at 13:43h

Another great image! I love these exotic places and people! The range and number of colors is absolutely fantastic!!

Kinds regards,

Manuel Teles, 2.03.2006 at 16:37h

Great colors! Great document!

Valeria Violet, 10.04.2006 at 12:26h

tutte le tue foto sull'India sono straordinarie

Bettina S., 25.07.2006 at 21:11h

genial !!!
lg bettina

Kombizz Kashani, 10.12.2006 at 20:55h

what a colorful documentary image

Steffen Schanz, 4.02.2007 at 11:25h


Gianluca Posella , 11.04.2007 at 12:56h

Ogni volta che guardo questa foto ho sempre la sensazione di esserne trascinato dentro.
Per il semplice fatto che l'ho vista già altre volte dovrei abituarmi, e invece ogni volta sembra la prima.
Saranno i colori, le espressioni della gente, il modo in cui sono casualmente sistemate e che sei riuscito magistralmente a catturare, sembra di assistere ad un quadro ricchissimo di particolari.

Serge Lis, 15.02.2009 at 16:41h

this is real panting like a work of the Great Masters.
It can be exhibiting in the famous all over the world Museums like Hermitage,
Tate, Metropolitan

Maria Simona Monti, 20.03.2009 at 8:49h

anche questa foto è ECCEZIONALE!!!!!!!!!
mi permetto di farti vedere una delle mie.........


mike snead, 19.06.2009 at 11:35h

what a spectacular swathe of colour.

great photo.



Mareigae, 29.08.2009 at 10:13h

Amazing colors!!!!!!!!!!!!

mike snead, 22.11.2009 at 9:37h

this is indeed a joyous scene to behold.

a great symphony.



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