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5) Walkabout China-Town Singapore, To visit Erich of Erich's Wuerstelstand!! by John Moore

5) Walkabout China-Town Singapore, To visit Erich of Erich's Wuerstelstand!!


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25.03.2008 at 16:38h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Whenever visiting Singapore, I always pop in to have a feed and chat to Erich.
He is from Switzerland and imports his sausages and mustard from Germany.
He will BBQ you an array of sausages leker, leker, ja. ja, ja.whilst having a chat.
He can also answer your questions about Singers and can fill you in on the local gossip.
He works locally and this stand is for his wife.
Do pop in when visiting Singers and have a sausage, he is a very comical fellow.
Some other scrumptious food is down at the old docks.
There are some old Muslim chaps cooking mouth watering mutton curry, served with egg paratha bread.
The paratha is cooked in a flat pan with ghee on a medium heat.
This food is fit for a king!!!
Then of course China town is renowned for its BBQ pork and beef which is sold by weight,
My mouth is watering at the thought right now.
Other news, I will be heading home to Perth, a direct flight and then I shall be staying in Fremantle for a few days.
I have will have been here for almost seven months.
I shall leave Korat for 4 days of smog in Bangkok before flying to Perth.
I hope you all had a wonderfully happy Easter.
Good Luck and best wishes to you all!!

Walkabout John.


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kkeva , 25.03.2008 at 16:43h

very cool!

Sabine KöllnXX, 25.03.2008 at 16:46h

Hi John -
you also make my moth water describing all the delis there - very inviting picture!
Hope you also had a nice easter - and a good and safe trip home!
Take care mate Nang Far!
Liebe Gruesse, Sabine

roswitha wesiak , 25.03.2008 at 16:47h

Erichs Würstl, what the hell is he doing in Singapore? Probably a good business or love brought him there. A funny and good pic, we had a snowy Eastern, not good. All the best Rosi

Norfolks and more, 25.03.2008 at 16:47h

Nice business!!!
Greets Anke and Björn

Sandro Emanuelli, 25.03.2008 at 16:54h

Great John, what an interesting information you are giving to us! I wish you a safe return home and a fruit diet to recover your mouth from chilli! :-)
Remember that when you will be in Australia I'll ask you for a favour.
Take care and maintain your spirit in orgder to generate always good feelings.
God bless you

CsomorLászló , 25.03.2008 at 17:07h

Hi Nikolaus!

Tanjung-Pinang, 25.03.2008 at 17:23h

Guten Appetit and many greetings to my best town of the world.
br monika

Anca Silvia B., 25.03.2008 at 17:46h

Nice to hear from you my friend.
Funny pic.John.
Take care,Anca

Hartmut Schulz, 25.03.2008 at 18:00h

Hallo John,
das ist ja sehr Deutsch.
Schönes Foto.
Gruß Hartmut

Ebi Fotofix, 25.03.2008 at 18:36h

*ggg*... people think, thats typical german....but, thats not all!
LG Ebi

Wolfgang Kölln, 25.03.2008 at 19:26h

Hi John, you should have come up with this some days earlier, because my brother stayed a couple of days in Singapore last week, so I could have told him to visit that funny "Wuerstelstand"... ;-)) Well captured and a nice story as always! Enjoy your trip home, mate...
Cheers Wolfgang

Kerstin Rösler, 25.03.2008 at 19:56h

mhhh how delicious...have never seen it in singapore, should have a look next time to it:-))
greetings kerst

Frechdax . , 25.03.2008 at 20:36h

Bayern all over the world ;-)

Cees Kuijs, 25.03.2008 at 21:22h

John, it was EASTER, not X-Mas !! :-)))))))))))
Well seen, Buddy !!
Greetings, Cees

JVision , 25.03.2008 at 22:38h

Wow german sausage in Singapore !! Your description sounds great John and my mouth is already watering. We came back from our trip to the USA yesterday and we was getting surprised with snow in Germany!! Have a save trip to Perth.
best wishes

Wilhelm H., 26.03.2008 at 0:01h

I don't wonder, they also have one in Singapore. They even in Kathmanu have a german bakery

Aniko Mocher, 26.03.2008 at 7:25h

Looks just as fun as you say in your story:o))
Have a safe flight home John...

Bogie , 26.03.2008 at 14:12h

Hi John,
brilliant shot and mouth watering story within...have a save flight back to Perth...God bless you...Norbert

Rainer Nik Schumacher , 26.03.2008 at 19:52h

very nice
a "Würstchenstand" in Singapore
where is the Bierzelt and the Sauerkrautbude ?
Greetings from Rainer

Christian Michalski, 26.03.2008 at 20:11h

Cool story and pic!
HAve a safe way home.


Ernst L. , 27.03.2008 at 0:18h

Wieder ein sehr schönes Bild - Cool.
LG Ernst

steffen s... , 27.03.2008 at 8:13h

great capture

Peter C. R., 27.03.2008 at 10:42h

Judging from the blue and white heart (left), Erich even serves "Erdinger Weißbier" - amazing :-)
I also like your informative text which makes your picture feel alive.

Anna C. Heling, 29.03.2008 at 2:03h

very nice...

Michael-Steffen , 23.04.2008 at 13:05h

Lg Micha

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