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:: Wanderlust by Randis Albion

:: Wanderlust 


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18.09.2005 at 15:30h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.


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Model-Christine Gärtner, 18.09.2005 at 15:38h

Ich mag die Art wie du es bearbeitest hast...schönes selfbild und regt zum nachdenken an! Hübscher Mann aber noch dazu:)

Lieben gruß

Swen Wagner, 18.09.2005 at 16:16h

genial einnert mich an die Zeitmaschine ;-)

gruss swen

Randis Albion, 18.09.2005 at 16:21h

Sieht man das Bild jetzt nur in COM oder auch doppelt in DE?

Swen Wagner, 18.09.2005 at 16:21h

nur in .com

Corry DeLaan, 18.09.2005 at 17:15h

Tolles Bild, kommt mir sehr bekannt vor, hast du es nicht schon mal gezeigt?
LG, Corry

Poli M, 18.09.2005 at 17:55h

immer wieder eine freude..deine fotos zu bewundern...klasse

Kevin Lake, 18.09.2005 at 20:06h

amazing stuff. really like it

Arno Königs - Fotografie-Fotodesign, 19.09.2005 at 4:17h

starke arbeit

Tana Brooks, 19.09.2005 at 9:50h

sehr gute arbeit !

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 19.09.2005 at 14:43h

wow ! what a stunner of a photo, amazing colours and the concept is perfect.

jaime :)
hope this goes to gallery

Calvin Hollywood, 19.09.2005 at 23:11h

Sieht man nur in Com.... in De wars ja auch schon:-)
Ein Brüller die Aufnahme!

lg Calvin

CreAKTiv Fotoatellier, 2.10.2005 at 22:13h

Die Bearbeitung und die Gestaltung ist ungewöhnlich gut!
Lieben Gruß,

Piroska Baetz, 7.10.2005 at 9:30h

gute foto, arbeit hier passt alles zusammen, gefällt
lg. piri

Thomas Berneburg, 7.10.2005 at 11:06h

SUUUPer Arbeit,soweit ich das Sagen kann.
LG Tom

Dennis Veldman, 7.10.2005 at 16:02h


Voting Center, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 40 pro- and 10 contra-votes. Congratulations, Randis Albion :-)

Wen P, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

One of the most exceptional self portraits I've seen. I think everything about it is well done.

Vladimir Danilov, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

That´s unbeatable! Pro

Kay Wölfle, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

Yes, very good!

Anastasya Ivanova, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h


Jan Van Der Hooft, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

Yes this is a great shot!!

Jutta Washington, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

Fantastic !!!

Wen P, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

Well Robert, there's no doubt that Andre is a professional photographer, illustrator, designer, CG animator. Yes, he has several self portraits on his website. This is one he chose to put on FC and the one I personally was compelled to. I find it an exceptional portrait, if not self portrait. Not only does it show outstanding studio work in the photography but also imagination in it's digital editing. I rarely pick "professional" works to propose for gallery, but this one I think has something very special.

don ricchilino, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h


Jeremy Binns, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h


Luis Andres Hernandez, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

Great Pic, PRO

Ruud van der Lubben, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

Well Robert, if this is not a selfportrait i wonder what is ???? for me this is a 200% PRO !!!!!!!

Chip Johansen, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

I think FC is for all photographers and that exceptional photography is exceptional photography whether by an amateur or a professional. Exceptional photographs motivate and inspire and that is what the Gallery is for IMHO. Call it a "Self Portrait", call it mash potatoes, call it whatever, its still PRO!

Costas Milonas, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

Gabi Dilly, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h


Susann Loessin, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h


Alin Neamtu, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

PRO but the right side doesn't work for me... It's to unnatural. And even for a manipulation, I see no point in that. But Pro for the light, color and model.

Holger Vorstheim, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h


Oybe ., 13.10.2005 at 17:59h


Vanessa Torres, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h


Paul Grimshaw, 13.10.2005 at 17:59h

A very nice Pro ... Regards, Paul.


Dennis Veldman, 13.10.2005 at 18:36h

I agree with wen and Chip! This is just an awesome photo!
Well deserved!


Ruud van der Lubben, 13.10.2005 at 23:12h

Congrats with well deserved Gallery picture ! Outstanding photograph on your site, i like your use of colour very much !

Randis Albion, 13.10.2005 at 23:22h

Thanks to all! Thank you!

Yes, it is a self portrait, it is a private image.
None of the photos you see on my wesite are commercial fotography, just privte shots.

Paul Grimshaw, 14.10.2005 at 14:07h

Hi Randis - well done my friend and sorry that you have to endure mistrust from some, in comments, below your excellent image. Regards, Paul.

Randis Albion, 14.10.2005 at 14:27h

Ah, no offense was taken. :)
I should have explained better.
I will do so next time.

Wen P, 15.10.2005 at 1:46h

Have to agree with Ruud - oh it might kill me. I'm just in awe of your crisp but subtle use of subuded natural colors and lighting, man, I just love your lighting. Not quite a fan of anime type animation, but your work and expecially your photography just knock me off my feet. I have friends at Disney and a couple video game companies, they were pretty impressed. Keep doing.

Mark Forester, 19.10.2005 at 0:03h

Das Bild wirkt sehr spirituell ... wirklich GUT !!

Amy Lin, 24.10.2005 at 0:08h

WOW!!! kein wunder in gallery.

Dennis Veldman, 17.12.2005 at 21:09h

this is one of my favorites.. Great great greater!
Such an amazing self portrait!

Eli Samuel Santa, 1.01.2006 at 19:39h

Love the Anime stile feel to this image beautifully accomplished. Regards!
ANA by Eli Samuel Santa
1.1.06, 2:21

Dennis Veldman, 3.01.2006 at 1:31h

i still don't get Roberts comment on this.
i love it Randis it's so cool that you took this photograph of your self and manipulated it so good!!
your look is just sizzling hot and stylish.

Donna Richens, 8.02.2006 at 17:27h


Katerina Zumrová, 25.02.2006 at 11:56h

it looks very interesting...this shot is amazing...

Julia Eckert, 1.03.2006 at 8:50h

ich liebe dieses Bild!

Sylver Harris, 17.05.2006 at 22:05h

wow lovely model and pose i love the way you flowed everything together

Kombizz Kashani, 11.12.2006 at 4:17h

wonderful lighting and very nicely captured

B-A-U-M-I , 16.11.2008 at 12:46h

toller bildaufbau und eine erstklassige bearbeitung.
ein sehr schönes foto - gefällt mir!!


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