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Domesticated Crested Duck (male) by Mark Billiau.

Domesticated Crested Duck (male)


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14.11.2011 at 8:00h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
The domesticated Crested Duck is a duck breed that is descended from the wild mallard ancestor.

Its specific appearance is the result of a genetic mutation by duck breeders.
This mutation caused a deformity of the skull and resulted in a physical "crest" on the top of its head (or a ‘punk hairdo’, if you like).

This bird is only bred for captivity and rarely to be seen in the wild but I found a couple in the great outdoors on a big pond in the middle of the forest (escaped or released from captivity ?)

Dutch name : Tamme Kuifeend
German name : Crested Ente
Latin name : Anas domestica cristata

Here you can see a picture of a female specimen of this duck breed.


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Sylvia Schulz, 14.11.2011 at 8:07h

die sieht ja interessant aus, habe ich hier noch nie gesehen, eine feine Aufnahme,
Übrigens Mark, haben wir gestern eine kleine Wanderung unternommen und viele Blutreizger gefunden, das wären für Dich tolle Motive gewesen,
LG Sylvia

viola d, 14.11.2011 at 8:08h

We will never get to know how the genetically modified animal really feels so I always have mixed feelings whenever I see such genetically "improved" creatures.
I wonder that their lifespan is - about the same as of all other ducks?
But the picture is beautiful, Mark, so sharp and vivid in colours. Bw, Viola

ann margAReT, 14.11.2011 at 8:44h

die sieht ja süß aus mit ihrem dutt.
und so schön rotbraun, solche habe ich auch noch nie gesehen.
sehr feine aufnahme mit den blättern im wasser in einem fast gleichen farbton.
gefällt mir.
lg ann

BRYAN CRUTE, 14.11.2011 at 9:09h

Straight from the hairdressers :-)
Lovely shot, very good details


Gisèle W., 14.11.2011 at 9:26h

Heel mooi, die heb ik nog niet gezien eend met kuif.
Uitstekend gefotografeerd.
Groetjes, Gisèle

s. sabine krause, 14.11.2011 at 9:57h

oh wow! it's the proverbial "odd duck" you captured here!! i've never seen this kind of waterbird before! he has a certain "tolstoyan" look to him – wearing a russian fur hat and looking very well-dressed for autumn! a freak of nature? of course, not!! only humans can come up with strange mutations like that! but good to hear he's able to survive in a wild habitat! greetings, sabine. p.s.: like his gentle looks and how he matches the sunken atumn leaves perfectly in color!

Arnd U. B., 14.11.2011 at 10:55h

Eine sehr schöne Aufnahme dieser besonderen Ente. Diese Gattung habe ich noch nie gesehen. Lgh Arnd

Irbenika, 14.11.2011 at 11:03h

What a beauty!! Very lovely portrait of this amazing duck!


p.s. Mark, You could publish a separate encyclopedia about the nature with your gorgeous photos.

Norbert Kappenstein, 14.11.2011 at 12:04h

Die sieht irgendwie lustig aus. Für mich als Vogelfotograf
eine sehr interessante Aufnahme.
LG Norbert

Alfred Schultz, 14.11.2011 at 12:22h

Nice bird with no need to wear a helmet.
Excellent picture (again)
Cheers - A.

Jojo., 14.11.2011 at 13:42h

Bises- Jojo

Vera Böhm, 14.11.2011 at 13:48h

Dear Mark, this duck have you great captured,
because this duck looks like a very proud queen
with a golden crown on the head. ;-))
Regards, Vera

TeresaM, 14.11.2011 at 14:16h

Une excellente et belle photo de ce canard.
Je n'en ai jamais vu qu'un seul exemplaire en réel et deux photos sur FC... je croyais avoir affaire à des "originaux" ;-D
Merci pour ces explications, Mark.

Hans-Günther Schöner, 14.11.2011 at 15:11h

Einmalige Aufnahme mit top Qualität !!

Mark,sehr gut !!!


aline64, 14.11.2011 at 16:06h

il est superbe ce canard, avec sa petite houppette sur la tête, excellent shoot Mark

Ayse Nalan Yasin, 14.11.2011 at 16:16h

Excellent shot, beautiful details..
Cheers Ayse

Heinz Janovsky, 14.11.2011 at 16:41h

Eigenwillige Frisur, feines Foto.
Gruß Heinz

Adele Oliver, 14.11.2011 at 17:20h

How very interesting the story of this unusual breed (have not seen them here) .... quite beautiful the plumeage and funny the "topknot". A splendid image, great definition, beautiful in the water with the floating Autumn leaves.
greetings, Adele

Leo_nid, 14.11.2011 at 17:40h

i wonder if there is a variation with flap ears
great shot
never seen these ducks before

Vitória Castelo Santos, 14.11.2011 at 17:56h

Sehr schöne Szene, toll fotografiert..... Klasse Bild !
LG Vitoria

Timucin Toprak, 14.11.2011 at 19:30h

perfect shot....!

Deryck, 14.11.2011 at 19:31h

I've never seen this kind of duck. Thanks for the info Mark.
It is a great shot. Excellent details

Josef Kainz, 14.11.2011 at 19:32h

Eine hübsche Ente gute Aufnahme
vg. josef

Perry Blevins, 14.11.2011 at 20:27h

Superior sharpness and well composed.

Angelika El., 14.11.2011 at 20:52h

Herrlich, wie mit einem Krönchen geschmückt, so sieht sie aus, diese wunderschöne Ente und den ganz fein gezeichneten Federn in den warmen Farben!


Angelika Ritter, 14.11.2011 at 20:58h

first time that I see a duck like this.
very interesting shot.
bw angie

Silvia Simonato., 14.11.2011 at 21:10h

Genial… Muy buena imagen!!.
Saludos Silvia

Lawson McCulloch, 14.11.2011 at 22:12h

Hi Mark, Excellent detail and sharpness in this shot.
best wishes from Lawson.

qRudi, 14.11.2011 at 22:56h

Gewoon enig, leuke en excellente foto.

willy ombret, 15.11.2011 at 11:36h

magnifique shoot
très beau
willy ombret

Jochen Braband, 15.11.2011 at 12:24h

Sieht so aus, als ob sie gerade vom Friseur
kommt. (-:
Die hast du sehr gut gesehen und fotografiert!
Tolle Qualität!
LG. Jochen

Janet Morgan, 15.11.2011 at 22:01h

What a cutie, Mark and captured beautifully

Birgit Noack, 15.11.2011 at 23:11h

Wonderful portrait of this amazing duck !!!
Regards, Birgit

Gaby Darsow, 16.11.2011 at 11:39h

Die Ente mit ungewöhnlicher Frisur,:-)
Tolle Aufnahme!

Vera M. Shulga, 30.11.2011 at 20:33h

wonderful presentation of this very beautiful duck!

Lindabrechon, 9.01.2013 at 23:19h

I have been seeing here in Homestead, Florida (2) of the above ducks in a pond. I have been stopping by everyday to look at them as I have never seen a duck that looked like this. They are gorgeous birds!! One of them looks like the above picture and the other one is the same color with no crest.

Cobrak, 21.12.2013 at 1:06h


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