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Pirohovo by Valeriy Barishpolets



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5.12.2006 at 18:23h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Ukraine. A museum of national architecture and life Pirohovo
Canon EOS 350d, Canon EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 II USM


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Joban Nightmare, 5.12.2006 at 18:34h

what a beautiful picture !? x :)

Thomas McAlexander, 5.12.2006 at 18:47h

You have done it again. Just beautiful.

George Hauffe, 5.12.2006 at 19:25h

Very calming, dreamlike (to me anyway).

Luc Grollie, 5.12.2006 at 19:48h

WOW !!!!!
what a landscape, what a light,.......

Cees Kuijs, 5.12.2006 at 21:28h

This is really great !!! Wonderful landscape. beautiful lightcapturing and atmosphere.
Greetings, Cees

Véronique Soulier, 6.12.2006 at 6:20h

very nice mood with the mist and the soft pinks ! lovely landscape too with the silhouetted mills . Greetings Véronique

Andrew Adams, 6.12.2006 at 6:20h

Wow! Great shot! Beautiful job!

Martin Wescott, 7.12.2006 at 8:41h

Another beautiful shot of this magical place!

Katerina Zumrová, 7.12.2006 at 9:31h

that beautiful...the fog and these soft colors are very nice...I like the point of view...
regards, Katerina

Ludvig S, 8.12.2006 at 10:16h

A beautiful landscape picture!

Voting Center, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 71 pro- and 29 contra-votes. Congratulations, Valeriy Barishpolets :-)

Cees Kuijs, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

This is another shot with the WOW factor for me. Very good composition and beautiful light created a very good atmosphere.

Aniko Mocher, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Robert Riley, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

Fantastic Atmospheric pic. Wonderful Colour. Very, very difficult exposure. Fantastic Pro.

Massimo Carolla, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

i agree with Robert , very difficult exposure, Pro !!

Valfoto, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Thomas McAlexander, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

Belongs in the Gallery. Pro

Luc Grollie, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

wow indeed !!!!
pro !

Véronique Soulier, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Celal Tayar, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Abdul Khaliq, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Liz Collet, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

wonderful atmosphere
like a painting

Klaus Buhles, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Pierpaolo Scioni, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Catia Malagoli, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Michael Henderson, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Geoff in Germany, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

big wow

Peter Mertz, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Theo Weijmer, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

Yes WOOOOW, pro

Claude Coeudevez, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Paul Grimshaw, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

Beautiful shot and one I have no difficulty reaching for the Pro button for.

Darinka Mladenovic, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h

Beautiful PRO

Jacky Kobelt, 14.12.2006 at 19:27h


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h

Pro !

Jutta Washington, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h


Inez Soares, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h


P.e.ter Gau, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h


Jacqueline Chay, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h


Anastasya Ivanova, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h


Ivano Cheli, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h


Rob Mitchell, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h

yes and no. Nice subject, lighting, etc. I personally would have liked more a panoramic crop to it. skip.

Thomas Heilmeier, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h


Radim Spitzer, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h

This should go right there, where it belongs -> GALLERY. ;-)

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h

i agree with Radim, stunning work definitly Gallery

Dominique Duriot, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h

Amazing picture!!
Great PRO*****

Dave Donaldson, 14.12.2006 at 19:28h



Klaus Buhles, 14.12.2006 at 19:36h

Greets - Klaus

Geza Simo, 17.12.2006 at 17:06h

very good.

Andreas. H., 18.12.2006 at 6:37h

perfect ! Congrats .

Hans Solcer, 20.12.2006 at 17:00h

beautiful picture

Pawel Majewski, 22.12.2006 at 23:38h

Amazing light

Monica G.., 2.01.2007 at 0:01h

That's soooo beautiful!

Michael Pihl, 5.07.2007 at 23:31h

Very nice!

Rob Nagelhout , 6.07.2007 at 14:05h

Hello Valeriy, unbelievable beautiful picture. Should I say more. Excellent

Irena Rihkrand, 15.01.2010 at 10:43h

amazing view
good composition my childhood memories from the countryside.

well done!

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