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16.04.2007 at 12:47h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
My man’s gone now
Ain’t no use a listenin’
For his tired footsteps
Climbin’ up the stairs


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BRUNO`s PHOTOLOUNGE, 16.04.2007 at 12:53h

just this....... ABSOLUT GREAT!

ciao - bruno

Rocka Bella, 16.04.2007 at 12:58h

sehr intim und irgenwie geheimnisvoll ... mag das

Fabrizio Caratelli, 16.04.2007 at 13:07h

Magnifica interpretazione
ciao, Fabri

Alexandra Baltog, 16.04.2007 at 13:36h

This is BRILLIANT !!!

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 16.04.2007 at 14:00h

this is stunning Inez, beautiful lighting and a great persective

Manfred Jochum, 16.04.2007 at 14:06h

Very impressive. Very intimate, sad.

Daren Borzynski, 16.04.2007 at 14:06h

Beautiful work Inez.
The lighting & composition is wonderful.


Steffen Schanz, 16.04.2007 at 14:52h

great scene - not much to see and soo erotic
i like it

Maguire , 16.04.2007 at 15:11h

top level fine art photograph.. so beautiful

Guido Cosentino, 16.04.2007 at 16:04h

Can not stopo lokking at this. Pefect b/w, Perfect play of light, perfect cut.

Fantastic message so directly and so well told. Very emotional PIC

CsomorLászló , 16.04.2007 at 16:22h


Pawel Majewski, 16.04.2007 at 18:00h

I like this idea. This picture make for me a lot of reminiscences. Excellent!

Robyn Raggio, 16.04.2007 at 18:16h

Storyline is complete and beautifully told, even without those wonderful words. A quiet kind of sadness, which I think we have all felt when experiencing a broken heart, to which no one is immune. Tones are masterfully rendered. Fetal position equates the desired conveyance of those despairing feelings. Lovely and bittersweet.

Véronique Soulier, 16.04.2007 at 18:35h

That's a moving black and white.. Robyn said it well about every of us feelings once or another.. bye Véronique

Allan Thompson, 16.04.2007 at 18:52h

Stunning work ,Fine Art at its' best!!!

Peter Mertz, 16.04.2007 at 19:25h


Dragomir Vukovic, 16.04.2007 at 19:35h


Claude Coeudevez, 16.04.2007 at 19:57h

« Il n'y a qu'une chose qui puisse rendre un rêve impossible, c'est la peur d'échouer »

Paulo Coelho - « L'alchimiste »
great capture Inez


DRAGA PUC, 16.04.2007 at 20:01h

Inez, my friend, I don't think I konw how to tell you that this is really beautiful pic.

Pat McMullen, 16.04.2007 at 21:19h

Nice folds and tonal gradition. Works well as a longer photo as this.

Theo Weijmer, 16.04.2007 at 21:28h

Great mood in this picture, lovely toning.
Greetings Theo

Ildikó ZókaDani, 16.04.2007 at 22:55h

soulful and beautiful. very impression, full of feeling and excellent photo! One of yours greatest works!

Vesela Maleeva, 17.04.2007 at 0:25h

Wonderful light and contrasts,

Claire Laira, 17.04.2007 at 8:14h

Excellent image with great tones...
Cheers, Claire

Cor van den Doel, 17.04.2007 at 9:19h

Good image.
Great title

Dominique Duriot, 17.04.2007 at 9:58h it !!!

Massimo Carolla, 17.04.2007 at 12:22h

Magnifica Inez !!!

Pascal Viyer, 17.04.2007 at 13:27h

Une réalisation d'auteur !!!!!!!!
très "ramassée", très concentrée, très intuitive

Dennis Maloney, 17.04.2007 at 17:56h

Wonderfully emotional series..great image, and lyrics...regards, den

Daniel Avasilichioaei, 17.04.2007 at 21:36h

Excellent. Very emotional mood...

Zenonas Meskauskas, 19.04.2007 at 22:57h


Jutta Washington , 20.04.2007 at 18:05h

Wonderful picture full of emotion. I love the lyrics as well.

TwiN PearL, 27.04.2007 at 13:12h

Finest artful...I´m so sorry can´t vote...PRO...lg Jutta

Marc Erpelding, 27.04.2007 at 18:04h


Rolf Wengenroth, 27.04.2007 at 19:17h

Hello Inez!
An absolute TOP picture in all interests.
Marvelous light, so tenderly and matching the contour SAM is interpreted here well-being.
Outstanding clay/tone values and a completely strong light stress here the creative in the picture.
Also the picture design is all first cream.
Love of greetings from Rolf - at present still in the Netherlands

Zoran Radulovic, 28.04.2007 at 7:11h


Voting Center, 3.05.2007 at 22:46h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 65 pro- and 35 contra-votes. Congratulations, Inez Soares :-)

Aniko Mocher, 3.05.2007 at 22:46h

Love this image, although I would like to see it without the huge white frame, it does not disturb me!

When , 3.05.2007 at 22:46h


Massimo Carolla, 3.05.2007 at 22:46h


PINDORIUS, 3.05.2007 at 22:46h


Alexandra Baltog, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Maguire , 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

So subtle and so utterly, utterly good. +++PRO+++

Celal Tayar, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Gianmario Varrone, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Peter Mertz, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Laki K., 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Frank Cecconi, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

I think too much detail is lost at the head of the pic....

Vesela Maleeva, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Theo Weijmer, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Claire Laira, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Rolf Wengenroth, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

The title says everything…
A wonderful interpretation.

Tom McAlexander , 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Dave Donaldson, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

The white area top right distracts me so sorry contra

Sarah D. Kiefer , 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

the little back forms that seem to come up from under the pillow are the first things i saw in this otherwise excellent image. i'm still not entirely ocnvinced that my vote would make much difference here bc there's so much that's good, it's beautiful and fascinating on the one hand. on the other hand, those little black thingys won't leave my eyes alone and it's looking right-side heavy. that said, i'm a huge fan of inez's work...all creative, uninhibited and so steeped in sensual emotion it's almost like some of her images have a soul. yeah that's a strong statement,but it's just honest. i wonder whether pro this one, too much good for a contra. and i hate skipping things that really deserve more. it's unique, ambivalent, multifaceted and overall it works well enough to hold my attention this long so here's a case wherein the whole overrides the parts and pro. (and i know not to say much about framing and presentation but this format looks so insanely good that i had to say something. :D )

Pat McMullen, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

The very peaceful framing format reinforces this type of photo very well. The folds in the sheets are excellant! It's quite emotional and shows by the darkness that surrounds you and the curled up position of the body. Alone again...naturally..

Klaus der Sandmann, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Alfred Spectrum, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Ramunas Siugzda , 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Véronique Soulier, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

+ for emotion

Robert Riley, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

Wonderful image! Pro.

Ruud van der Lubben, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

Much emotion and very good grey-tones. But i must agree with Sarah that the black forms coming from under the pillow are very distracting.
What a pity. contra

Dominique Duriot, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

PRO very emotional ;)

Kai Sehlke, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Pawel Majewski, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Mikael Hörnlund, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

Pro for have captured the emotion, and pro for the picture, the white area at the top right bothers me abit too, but still pro!!


Dieter Dietrich, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Nicole Zuber, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Michael Henderson, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


BRYAN CRUTE, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

Pro !

Roberto Grilli, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

Any shadow has light...dark grey but black parts as well.
I like this picture for the nearly abstract atmosphere.
Some small black dots are on the wall what I would clone out but these don't stop me to vote

Pascal Viyer, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

P R O ! ! ! !

Abdul Khaliq, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Rob Mitchell, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

yeah. It can hang in my gallery, anyday.
Without that massive white border though.

Claude Coeudevez, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

la partie blanche dans le coin droit donne une diagonale à l'image avec
les draps blanc, le fait que ton visage soit dans l'ombre, cela lui donne du mystère ... une image unique, une "MASTER PICTURE"
la grandeur des marges bien choisie pour ce type d'image

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

i loved this as soon as i seen it the first time, beautiful perspective, sensual, amazing lighting

Leo_nid, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Beatrix Neuhaus, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

beautiful - so deeply emotional - love your work!

Jacqueline Chay, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

The B&W tones are just perfect and the framing is also perfect, giving the effect of voyerism not only to the image but too the soul - Pro

felidae., 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Der Brownz - Peter Braunschmid, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Angéla Vicedomini, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Jan Van Der Hooft, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


BRUNO`s PHOTOLOUNGE, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Dennis Maloney, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

Great series..great

Jo Kurz, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Steffen Schanz, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


Alexandra Schmidt II , 3.05.2007 at 22:47h


DRAGA PUC, 3.05.2007 at 22:47h

could I give 2 pros?


Inez Soares, 4.05.2007 at 0:05h

for all of those that took their time to view this work and to vote.. a big THANK YOU..
and for Lisa who had the passion to bring to your view . a KISS

Claire Laira, 4.05.2007 at 7:50h


Pedro Aguiniga, 4.05.2007 at 9:36h

Maybe the things coming up from under the pillow are the dream of the model. Great work.

Véronique Soulier, 4.05.2007 at 10:18h

well derserved star, happy for you my friend, bye VS

Klaus der Sandmann, 5.05.2007 at 22:00h

Congrats, I still like it so much ...

BRYAN CRUTE, 5.05.2007 at 23:06h

Your a star, congratulations.
Magic !

Claudio Solera, 5.05.2007 at 23:17h

Congratulation! Magic pic! Ciao,Claudio.

Detlef Klahm, 6.05.2007 at 16:30h

a very well exposed image. light and shape well conceived. as as the mystery of this image

Claude Coeudevez, 6.05.2007 at 21:56h


Heidi Roloff, 7.05.2007 at 14:40h

It's absolutely great !!!
Greetings from Heidi

Maria Mylona, 8.05.2007 at 15:47h

that is very beautiful.
Great B/W.

René van Rijswijk, 9.05.2007 at 2:05h

Beautiful photo, with a great moody feeling over it. Wonderful black and whites.
Gr. René

Gabi Anna, 15.06.2007 at 22:07h

touching my heart!!!!


Destiny , 4.07.2007 at 14:00h

So sensual!!!

comawhite , 21.07.2007 at 17:21h

!!!! favorite

Grazia Redaelli, 2.10.2007 at 21:25h


ferran petit , 6.10.2007 at 8:43h

muy bella coleccion de fotos, y ésta en particular, EXTRAORDINARIA

Dolores Blanca, 21.11.2007 at 20:33h

Me gusta.
Lazos y rizos by Dolores Blanca
Lazos y rizos
16.11.07, 18:33

Balazs Prattinger, 20.01.2008 at 17:09h


Agelos Kardamilas , 8.02.2008 at 0:15h

OOOOOOH!excelent.You have a very special way of <seeing>

Don V , 28.04.2008 at 0:34h


Lizzybelle , 26.10.2008 at 21:42h

Can't find words ... incredible!!!

Frédéric Darras, 12.01.2009 at 7:11h

A pleasure for my eyes
Un plaisir pour les yeux
Magnifique cliché

asdom, 6.07.2009 at 15:28h

Fantastique ,Superbe +++++++++++Simone

Pierre LAVILLE, 21.07.2011 at 19:26h

Une photo splendide.
Bravo pour cette étoile.
Amitiés Pierre

michel Baugé photo, 2.01.2012 at 11:48h

une composition splendide et d'une grande sensualité

Segura Carmona, 16.04.2012 at 19:54h

Una maravilla de luz y gran edición en b&W. un abrazo Inez.

aorta-besler, 4.05.2012 at 13:02h

Mysteriously from beauty it space lets to dream.

Dominique BEAUMONT, 9.05.2012 at 9:51h

merci bcp Inez,
beautiful...! MERVEILLEUX! Jolie cette photo en n&b, ombre et lumière. Ce poème aussi ... çà c'est fantastique!

Helga Noll, 8.07.2012 at 9:20h

Ich hab's spät entdeckt .
Großartig gekonnt inszeniert - leise und doch sehr eindrucksvoll, liebe Inez !
Liebe Grüße Helga

wistiti, 19.07.2012 at 18:08h

Bravo pour ton étoile ..jos

CarmenV, 2.11.2012 at 23:45h

Beautiful pic and words !!

Coralejo, 9.12.2012 at 9:26h

Inez, my friend in photography, your footsteps on the beach are far away from this origins, of psychology between man and woman. May be your way is better for commercial use, but the Storys of relations are the most narrative ones.

This is not a criticism, it's a hint of your Coralejo


Arnaud Foulon, 24.01.2013 at 23:26h

tout simplement fabuleux!!!!!!!!! bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bildermacher org, 16.06.2013 at 16:14h

like it..

Carlos García Jiménez, 22.09.2013 at 20:43h

Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro
Genera una claridad que da confianza,
entonces dominguea el alamanaque
y es una gloria no ser inocente
una mujer querida o vislumbrada..
Derrota por una vez la muerte.

Es una producción magnífica..transmite mucho sentimiento, de la técnica no opino, creo que todas son válidas..



giral, 22.04.2015 at 9:24h

quand l'apparente simplicité devient Art
surement la plus belle

Eva GD, 23.04.2015 at 22:44h

Sublime photo que je découvre ...
Un grand bravo !!

Rob Nagelhout, 31.05.2015 at 17:47h

Top composition with sensuality at it best. Magnificent work, compliments
Gr. Rob

René van Rijswijk, 22.09.2015 at 16:52h

thumbs up

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