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4. Ben Gossens

Ben Goossens :

After art school, I worked in 35 years as Art Director in advertising
What I make now for my hobby (I'm retired) is a logic follow-up from what I did as profession.Surrealism had always be a source of inspiration for the visual concepts in advertising and is still now for my hobby.

I used PS (from the first version), after a long period of traditional techniques, and it change completely the way of creation.

An object/subject inspired me to create a personal concept, this with my own shootings, a full HD stock, which has been build-up after 40 year of photography.

The traditional drawing techniques, I learned in school and job are very useful to make what I like to do: surreal concepts.

Many of those "crazy surreal" images are edited worldwide, that also why many call me R.Magritte/Dali in the photography, which is a great honor for me.
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