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3. Andrea Sagawe

About four years ago I started with digital photography. I would call myself an autodidact. To achieve a better degree of perfection in the picture quality I am always eager to learn from other more experienced photographers. But also looking at pictures from "beginners" can help to get a completely different and perhaps even more interesting approach on a motive.

Although I can' t say I have a particular theme in my work, I guess I usually go for nature and architecture. I often try to reduce a motive to a certain "essence" and tend to take shots in a kind of abstract way. When I look at architecture I often don't see the whole building, but like to extract parts of it which attract my special interest. That can be a certain pattern or form, the light and shadow play formed due to the building's structure, or reflections in a building's windows.

REFLECTIONS... another great interest of mine. I feel magically drawn to reflections of any kind. They make great abstracts and are sometimes fine mind-benders, especially when you turn them 180 degrees :-))

I hope you enjoy my pictures.
Andrea Sagawe
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