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10. Glenn Capers

I am Glenn Capers,
I've come to realize that my art has diversity with powerful individual vision, that chronicles the life of individuals. People draw me into their lives to tell their story to anyone willing to listen and validate their reason for living. My attraction to story telling grew as my life developed behind a camera. I discovered that its not how a photographer looks at the world that is important, its their relationship with their fellow human beings and these moments of connectivity that are frozen it time for all to see.

I am now teaching street photography and journalism around the world. Helping people to find their stories after they identify their personal pilgrimage.

As a photographer I have won a John F Kennedy award, Leica Medial of Excellence for outstanding achievement in humanistic photojournalism .
NPPA region 10 second place for photo journalism, and many more.

I hope to share more and inspire other's That desire to learn more about the camera, style, and life, because once you decide to engage people and look back at the end of the day, you discover that your pilgrimage has started.
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