Zoe Tegg

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About me

I started taking photos cos my paintings never ended up looking as I wanted them to.
Five and a half years down the line I have completed a degree in documentary photography at UWCN ( that's Newport to most people) and am now working as a (albeit slightly more creative) family portrait photographer - not what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I'm getting more experienced and having fun whilst paying off my uni debts so I can go and take more worthwhile pictures.
I also take pictures of horse shows, etc in the summer ( and sometimes during winter for my sins) which enables me to combine my love of horses and photography. I'm hoping to continue the horse theme by going to work on a ranch in Argentina and photographing at the same time, but I'm not sure where or when at the moment.
Equipment wise I use a Canon EOS 10D for the studio and horse things purely from a speed of production point of view, but I still prefer my Bronica SQA, and who can forget the trusty old Nikon FM2 - It's just what you need in Newport; a camera and self defence weapon at the same time.
Sorry I don't have any pics up at the moment, but watch this space!
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