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Hi I am Zoe, an amatere photographer. I really enjoy checking the photos in that site and read the photo tips. I love the comments concerning my photos they help me to improve myself.
In general ... great site! I am happy I am part of it.

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  • aanahita singh 10/04/2009 10:33

    u r looking very pretty n hot ,,did u ever been came in india
  • Philimon Gorgias 24/03/2009 11:07

    thanks zoe for the comment.

    loved your foto too- and you have a nice model to work on too :)

    have a nice day !
  • Michal Plass 14/05/2008 21:12

    Thank you :)
  • Benyamin 14/05/2008 13:52

    Hi Dear Z. Chatzikranioti
    This in on Mashhad City. Iran Country
    Thanks for your nice Looking.
  • P. Dähn 06/10/2007 14:34

    thanks for asking... forgot to point it out... :-)
    Sisteron, Provence, France

    P. Dähn

    cu Peter
  • Roland Rami 09/06/2007 2:03

    thank you for your comment...
    sorry answering so late....
    Didn`t visit the comiunity for a long time....
  • Jack Newton 21/05/2007 16:02

    Thank you Zoe for your kind words. As I look over your photos, I find my desire to visit Greece growing. You have some amazing photos in your portfolio!


  • Antonis Kyrou 27/04/2007 17:48

    Antonis Kyrou
    Geia soy Xrisa.Bale na do ligo Thessaloniki giati eho 2 xronia na th do
    Filika Antonis
  • Cornelie de Jong 05/03/2007 8:20

    Thanks for your comment! Cheers, Cornelie
  • Ana Milenkovic 25/02/2007 16:58

    Hi Z.
    the photo is taken in Tunisia (Tunis) in a Stone-Desert, it's at the south-west part of the country.....
    thanx for the coment :)
  • Michel Lamarche 22/02/2007 3:07

    Thank you Zoe for your comment on my Prey's view photo and for sharing those beautiful pictures of Greece and Qatar.
    Prey's view
    Prey's view
    Michel Lamarche
  • Robyn Raggio 20/02/2007 21:11

    Hi Z.
    What a wonderful collection of images you have. Must be incredible there in Greece!
    Thanks for your comments on my images, too. I am glad you like them.
  • Kali the Greek 25/01/2007 16:21

    Jasou Xatzikpavioti Z.
    Prota ap' ola kalos ilthes sto FC
    kai sou efxome polles fotogpafies.Lg Kalis
  • Akis P. 18/01/2007 13:08

    Hi Z. (I guess Zoe or Zeta?) Thank you for your visit and your kindly comments! I realy appreciate it! It is nice to see other members to viewing your photos! You have a very interesting portfolio here. Very good shots! I look forward to see more from you! My best regards! Akis.
  • Massimo Carolla 18/01/2007 8:16

    thanks a lot for you appreciament, saluti Massimo
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