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Hi all,

Just a newbie in photography. First have a camera in 2004 which is Nikon coolpix 5400. Mostly just for documentation places I have been and things I see. And until now still struggling to take a good picture as I don't think I am good at it.

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  • Loan Heskiel 14/04/2010 11:30

    salam jepret bang.. :)
  • Etienne Go 09/12/2008 15:39

    really nice pictures!
  • Anca Silvia B. 29/08/2008 8:48

    Beautiful work.
  • Chip Johansen 29/08/2008 5:24

    Very beautiful photos. What a beautiful place you live. Please keep photographing it for us to see.
  • Maria Mylona 25/08/2008 19:55

    Sorry but if you are not good at it then who is?? I like your work.

  • Rebecka Strandberg 17/07/2008 12:20

    Can't wait to see more of your work, it's amazing:)
  • Dianna 04/05/2008 2:43

    Thank you for viewing and commenting on my photo. :-)
    Your thoughts and critiques are always welcome! :-)
    Greetings to you from Texas,
    Morning Roses
    Morning Roses
  • Krzysztof Krzemien 28/04/2008 8:27

    Thanks for your kind comment! Best Wishes:)
  • Yan Manarsar 28/04/2008 5:41

    Dank Ito :):)
  • Eva Knust 27/04/2008 23:15

    Herzlich willkommen in FC, bang :)
    syeneng ketemu lagi di sini :)

  • Fons van Swaal 27/04/2008 18:38

    Thanks a lot for comment .......;-))))
  • Yan Manarsar 26/04/2008 12:19

    Thank you very much for the welcome greeting Dirk. Your link is really helps :) thanks a lot

  • Yan Manarsar 26/04/2008 12:18

    Thank you for the welcome greetings Mahalatin :)
  • Dirk Hofmann 26/04/2008 8:58

    Welcome to fotocommunity.com!

    Good to see you found this place, where professionals, amateurs and rookies meet to share their views of photography, show and discuss each others work.
    I hope you'll find the things you were looking for when you joined and have the same fun I have since I became a member.
    Don't hesitate to ask me or any other member of the team if you have any questions!

    When I thought about making it easier for new members to join our community, I had the idea to write a short tutorial which might help. You can find it here:

    You might also want to gather some information in our online-help. There you can learn about the different features of fotocommunity.
    To get there click here:

    fotocommunity - share your passion!

    Best regards
  • A.R. Mahallatian 25/04/2008 10:39

    Löwenzahn, sei stolz, ich bewundere dich
    Löwenzahn, sei stolz, ich bewundere dich
    A.R. Mahallatian
    Hi I am glad to welcome you to the FC.

    Mahallatian, aus Berlin.

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