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24th Dec., 2009
It's just been 2 weeks or so since I registered at fc, and I really enjoy checking out the pictures from photographers from all over the world, posting and receiving comments.

I found this place is full of nice friendly persons who share the same interest and never spare your compliments, which have been real encouragement for new comers like me.

At this special moment, I'd like to wish everybody a very merry Xmas and all the best for 2010!

See you around! :-)

LG Jingyi

15th Dec. 2009
I'm a total amature, who has perhaps inherited a little bit of the genes of my dad, a much bigger fan of photo-shooting for years more than my age. But unlike him and most of the others, I love to shoot pictures with my small but handy G7, just to capture the moment whenever the scene strikes me.


p.s. Ich verstehe auch (ein bisschen) deutsch, Anmerkungen auf deutsch sind auch wilkommen. :-)

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  • Rosi Karbach (kicki7) 11/01/2010 13:45

    Danke für deine Anmerkung.
    Viele Güße
  • Herbert Rulf 31/12/2009 21:37

    Xin nián kuài le, Jingyi !
  • Juan 26/12/2009 10:56

    Dear Wang Jingyi
    I give her the name "little Wang Jingyi"
    she is very intelligent and fearless..
    Thank you and Merry Christmas
  • Juan 24/12/2009 15:22

    i wish you a merry christmas
    and a happy new year, a nice Housband and meny, meny Children..
    i like your Comments, Juan.
  • Juan 23/12/2009 16:51

    keep warm, in this Moment the Snow go away, the Rain ist coming..
    LG. Juan.
  • Juan 23/12/2009 16:41

    Attempt to make a self portrait.
    I thought my camera would face detection,
    But probably I was too ugly
    She certainly brought into focus on the rose
  • Daniel Grube 21/12/2009 23:16

    Hi Wang Jingyi,
    ist Jingyi Den Vorname??
    Naja, das Talent Deines Vaters scheinst Du geerbt zu haben. Es kommt auch nicht auf die Kamera an, sondern den Blick des Fotografen. Jemand der kein Talent hat kann auch mit der teuersten Kamera keine guten Bilder machen.
    ciao Daniel
  • Juan 20/12/2009 14:29

    this is correct, but i love all Place in the World.
    included your China.
    regards. Juan.
  • Juan 19/12/2009 10:22

    Thank you for your lovely comment
    Herzlichen Dank
    ich wünsche Dir frohe und schöne Feiertage.
    merry xmas and happy 2010!
    LG. Juan..
  • Wang Jingyi 16/12/2009 14:17

    @ Jia: Yeah, that would be great! we'll anyway have a trip together, only need to figure out where... any suggestion?
  • JIA YIWEI 16/12/2009 14:14

    Hey, we should go somewhere and take the picture together some time. Maybe this holiday?
  • . christine frick . 16/12/2009 13:44

    Hi Jingyi,
    Thanks a lot for your visit.
    best regards Christine
  • Wolfgang Bazer 15/12/2009 17:36

    Hello Jingyi,
    Thank you very much for the information about your Zhongdian photograph.
    Tibetan Town Hall
    Tibetan Town Hall
    Wang Jingyi
    I went there in 2007 with my future wife and liked the place very much. But my girlfriend had big problems with the thin air there, although she comes from Kunming. When the oxygene bottle we had bought for her was empty, she became very ill-humoured and we had to go back to Lijiang. But I think we'll have another try one day, for this is a fantastic place.
    LG Wolfgang
  • digwashegde 13/12/2009 14:14

    Thank you for your very kind comments and for your visit.
    best regards
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