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The 26 years old photographer and retoucher was born 9.6.1986 in a small town of Zvolen in the middle of Slovakia. He studied Gymnasium and subsequently the Technical Faculty in Zvolen. After successful completation of his studies and being too limited by a small town, in 2008 he dediced to move to the metropolis of Czech Republic – Prague. Nowdays he is permanently based in Prague, where he is trying to further exploit his creative capabilities.

His main specialization is a Fashion photography and a photography with elements of an advanced post-production (photomontage). Lately, he has been concentrated mostly on a man photography. He worked on fashion campaigns of some of Prague’s fashion designers such as Jozef Sloboda or Osmany Laffita. He is also collaborating with a number of fashion & beauty magazines like: WINQ, / Holland /, MATE / Germany /, Tendencias / Spain /, BG / Brazil / Peru /, BELLOMAG, RED REZOR / China /, LIME / China /, MRRM / China /, LUI /Czech Republic/,DOLCEVITA and many others.
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