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I consider photography as an indispensable part of my life. I should say that i take every picture by my heart, and obviously each picture is just like a mirror that reflects my inside. I love this way to express myself and let people know better about me and the world surrounding, which is simple but sincere.

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  • Lovisa Lagerquist 19/11/2007 17:28

    Hi there, thx for commenting (:
    She's got rose coloured cheeks
    She's got rose coloured cheeks
    Lovisa Lagerquist

    Best wishes / Lovisa
  • Digitalclub Meranerland 24/10/2007 15:48

    Greatings from Southtyrol - Italy. Markus
  • Artiskillingtime 28/06/2007 21:39

    thx for your comment : )
  • Florian Clarén 28/05/2007 14:29

    you recogniced that, thanks!! ;)
  • Arion Gadd 22/05/2007 22:40

    Thankyou for the photo comment : )
  • Rouzbeh Hashemi 08/05/2007 16:40

    thanks for your comment
  • Andrew Adams 02/03/2007 2:48

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful comments, they are greatly appreciated! : )
    Cheers -
  • Sanya Kovacheva 17/10/2006 9:37

    hi Vela
    i want to say thank you for your comment and words,
    really appreciate it...
    i like your work very much
    in action
    in action
    Sanya Kovacheva

    with regards, sanya
  • Vinicius S. 02/10/2006 17:26

    thanks !
    see you
  • Vinicius S. 02/10/2006 6:55

    All your pictures are fantastic!
    I liked a lot!
  • Ivo Vapiroff 02/07/2006 11:54

    interesting photos
    greatings :)))
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 29/06/2006 20:06

    All of your images have a very graphic style. I get the feeling you are an art student by your use of color and compostion. I have been in Shanghai and have never seen a city in such a state of change. All the best from Canada. Patrick
  • Vinicius S. 26/06/2006 6:40

    I liked all of their pictures! They are perfect, really good!
  • Susana Rabascall 11/05/2006 14:21

    gracias por tu comentario. tus fotos son magnificas. me gustan mucho "chase" y "night angel".

  • Maguire 09/05/2006 16:09

    Thank you for your comment on my work

    Much appreciated

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