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I started taking photos after I moved to Iceland in September 2004. The northern lights became my prime quest, but I also had my eye on the beautiful landscapes and sunsets and iceforms.
I like original photography and mainly go for a timeless landscape with lovely colours and a good reflection and some nice clouds chucked in for good measure.
I use an Olympus OM1 with slide film - Fuji.

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  • Clare Holden 18/06/2005 23:36

    Your pictures have the best colour composition i have seen anywhere. I enjoy photos a lot but am still trying to get in to taking them. Guess your surroundings help. No real inspiration here.
  • † Bernd Mai 27/05/2005 13:22

    wow, your pictures from island are fascinating.
    I like this!
    regards bernd
  • Robert L. Roux 23/05/2005 19:44

    Your auroras (boreal..?) !!!
  • Bill Lang 10/05/2005 0:59

    Hi Tony

    Thanks for your comment on Port Ryerse Sunrise.


  • Kerstin Langenberger 05/05/2005 12:04

    Hey, there you are, why didn't you tell me that you joined fotocommunity?
    Feel warmly welcomed and keep on your great work!
    There is a section for photographs in Iceland in the world-channel (Europe --> Skandinavia) where you can come in contact with other people living in ore traveling arount the island!
    Best wishes from Borgarnes - Kerstin
  • Robert L. Roux 01/05/2005 17:33

    Does summer ever get to Iceland?
  • Irka Sponholz 25/04/2005 11:17

    welcome,...your pictures are great.Beautiful.
    I want to go to iceland this august.I think,it`s a beutiful country.
  • Jimmy Donnelly 14/04/2005 23:27

    hey tony,
    thanks for your comment on my pic ,( reflections )..i was at the florida aquarium and as i turned a corner and looked into a tank this fish was swimming up near the surface which caused the reflection and i was just lucky i guess .....your pics are awesome.....jimmy
  • Tony Prower 14/04/2005 19:15

    Thank you for comments and welcomes!
    I try to use velvia slide if possible but I use provia 400f for fast shutter or night photography.
  • Kay Wölfle 14/04/2005 18:41

    Hi Tony,

    I like Your photographic approach! What Fuji-Films do You use exactly?
  • Jesús Rodríguez 13/04/2005 16:32

    Thanks for your comments about th "flying to get it" photo. I really had to crop the photograph to improve the theme, and I think it worked...!!!!
  • JVision 11/04/2005 21:05

    Hi Tony,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. I like your pictures and looking forward to see more of your work.
    Kind regards
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