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Tivuch4u.com Jerusalem real estate investment properties created in Jerusalem (Hebrew : יְרוּשָׁלַיִם‎‎ Yerushaláyim, Yrušalaym) to help you in the making Aliyah process with all your real estate needs when you buy, rent or sell properties in Jerusalem, Israel. Tivuch (Hebrew :תיווך) meaning in Hebrew Realty (Real estate Brokers) real estate broker in Hebrew is Metavech (Hebrew : מתווך). So Tivuch = Realtor 4 = For u = You ! Tivuch4u = Realtor For You ! just like when we type the Hebrew word Shalom (Hebrew: שלום) meaning peace:) as if we said Shalom2u :) and again tivuch4u just like it sound is one of a kind real estate agency in Jerusalem with exclusive listings from small houses in Nachlaot to luxury apartments in Rechvia, homes, land, development sites, residential and commercial buildings for sale in Jerusalem. Prime neighborhoods with only one big different where tivuch4u goals are to provide you with a very special real estate service where the focus is on You (real estate Buyer / investor or Seller) and your unique requirements from finding your dream house and during the whole process of purchasing or selling property in Israel until we complete the deal to your fully satisfaction. So whenever you or someone you know looking to buy a house in Jerusalem think Tivuch ! and tivuch4u will prove you that there are great ways and possibilities to do business in Israel. Brought to you by tivuch4u.com your personal real estate agent in Jerusalem :)

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  • Tivuch4u Jerusalem Realty 07/11/2012 17:03

    Now is the time !!! Buy your home in Israel now. Don’t wait !!! As longer you wait as higher price you will have to pay. Come "home" …come to Israel... Take your share in Jerusalem the most beautiful city in the world! American citizen with Individual Retirement Account can purchase Investment Real Estate in Israel. yes ! it is allowable and legitimate to use funds in your IRA to buy Real Estate in Israel. Brought to you by tivuch4u.com Jerusalem real estate
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