Tina Angel Spooner

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I drink beer and guzzle wine.
You can win me over with a bowl of Salmon and white rice or a good cup of tea and lively banter of plans and idea plotting.
Most likely I will smother your dog (and any others we pass) and laugh too loudly and at things you won’t really find as funny as I do.
I love the word whimsical and the smell and taste of strawberry as much as the cold side of the pillow.
My traveling feet get itchy but I will miss home while I’m scratching them.
I’m partly mexican, mainly Californian, occasional snob and a cynical romantic.
I will often and overtly swoon over good music, beautiful art, something that positively shocks or stirs the creative side of the brain and life’s simple pleasures.
My cell phone’s main use is to help me see in the dark.
If you play dominoes or card games with me with a sundowner in hand watching the outdoorsy life slow down or walk around empty late night streets with me, I will most likely become very clingy, so please only partake in these if you mean it…

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