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I spend way too much time in front of my computer screen and way to little time behind my camera... the computer is sucking me dry.

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  • Elaine Liebenbaum 21/10/2004 13:13

    you know Thomas there is a big resemblance between the both of us here :-)
    you're a cool guy

  • Amigo Zomtec 16/10/2004 12:33

    ...hey man welcome, i spend too much time in front of pc, playing stupid games and so...unreal tournamemnt is my time sucker right your puics, hope to see more soon...

    ...greetimgs from germany... tom...

    ....domt forget the waterbottle when surfing, it comes in handy.... let's rock the joint....
  • Thomas Duncan 30/09/2004 6:24

    Hi, I live in the northwestern U.S. enjoy photography and always open to constructive criticism.
    "Feedback is a gift".
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