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I studied photography and journalism at a small university in Iowa, and spent a semester studying and interning in London, England. After graduating, I spent four years as a reporter. I became frustrated with the business, but still love to shoot, just on my own deadlines now. I particularly love getting lost somewhere, anywhere, and trying to capture the area in pictures. I recently made the switch to digital (Canon 20D), and find things about both film and digital that I appreciate, and that have their benefits.

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  • Bill Lang 23/05/2007 11:35

    Thank you for your comments on my photo.
    Greetings From Canada
  • Wendy de With 24/02/2007 13:10

    Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my picture. You also have some very interesting photos here. I will be back to see more of them.

    Best regards, Wendy

  • Sissi Blume 12/02/2007 20:47

  • Dominic Falcone 22/01/2007 20:17

    Hi Terri
    Thanks for your kind comments on my picture of the Amarylis.
  • Antonio Amen 07/01/2007 14:44

    Thank you so, for your nice comment
  • Kelmari Larsson 02/01/2007 22:23

    Hello, I wondering if i can use your pictures on www.stallet.se, i will write that it is your pictures // Kelly och Marika
  • zeynep oz 25/12/2006 1:14

    Thanks for your comments:)
  • Andrew Novoselov 30/11/2006 0:04

    Thanks Terri for comments! I am glad, that we have an opportunity to share impressions. Successful to you of shots!
  • óóóóòòòò 13/11/2006 17:14

    Hi Terri, thank you for your comment and best wishes from Germany.
  • Anca Stephanie 09/10/2006 15:17

    thank you for your comment...and indeed you are right...simple things...really are the most beautiful to capture... :D

  • Peter. Gau 02/10/2006 23:28

    Thanks, Terri for your comments to some of my pics,they are highly appreciated!!
    Regards, Peter
  • Jacqueline Chay 01/10/2006 13:54

    Hi Terri, Thank you for your comment on my pic very much appreciated.
    Welcome to fotocommunity, hope you enjoy.
    Regards Jackie
  • Terri Green 18/09/2006 3:11

    Thanks, Mark! I've really enjoyed going through the pictures you have here. What a great variety, all with a great creative composition and color!
    Brooks is a great, great school. Have you visited it yet? I went to school in Iowa (where I am from) but was fortuante that it has an awesome study abroad program, so I studied and interned with a magazine in London, wroked a year and a half for a paper in San Diego, and then a year a half with a paper in Rochester, NY, and then moved back to San Diego. What are you thinking of pursuing at Brooks?
  • Mark Johnston 18/09/2006 2:39

    Thanks for the comment Terri. Where did you study? Ive been studying communications in Utah and am now looking to transfer to study photography exlusively, maybe at Brooks. Any recomendations? Who did you work for?
  • Dark Sides 22/08/2006 17:04

    thank you for comment.
    wish you a good eye and a very good light everytime.
    many greetings from berlin.
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