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My first camera was an Halina Paulette Electric … Age 16 ... I was shooting black and white film ... and with very little money you tried to make every shot a good one … but I was learning the craft ...

Photography continued to be a part of my life primarily because of my passion for travel …. but in recent years …. I have become consumed with portraiture …

Almost all my images now contain a person ….

More can be found here …

Comments 2

  • Regs Ray 16/04/2014 22:14

    Lovely photos - one of my favourites is the Celebration Smile (sorry, had to go to the flickr account!:)
    Also - thanks for the nice comment
  • Vladka P 06/04/2014 13:53

    Ahoj, opravdu moc si cením pochvaly od vás .... moc m? baví portréty kohokoliv , žen, muž?, d?tí ....a i u vás mohu najít další inspiraci.
    D?kuji za zastavení se .......


  • Photographer (advanced stage)
  • Model (advanced stage)


Canon 5D
Canon 40D
50mm f1.4
85mmm f1.2
135mm f2
200mm f2.8
24-70mm f2.8

430ex II
580ex II
Elinchrom lighting