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My interest in photography began around 10 years ago, however I have only become serious in the last five years.

My main interest is macro. I specialise in macro floral images as I find the colours spectacular. I find it fascinating what is right in front of us and most of the time we dont know.

My camera is a Canon 40D - I have always bought Canon as I have always found them much lighter and easier to use than their counterparts. I also now use a Panasonic FZ30 and a Canon G9. I use a Kodak V1253 for quick snaps.

I also use Photoshop CS2 - the best imaging software since sliced bread. I think this is fantastic.

I have recently had a go at weddings - starting with friends to build a portfolio. I have also released a book on blurb of my flower images. You can find this via my website www.tanyachadderton-evans.com

Thanks for stopping by - please enjoy all my images on my website.

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  • Roland Bendzinski 13/09/2008 10:24

    Hi Tanya,
    I wish you much fun in the fc. Well, then you times look to continue the latest images here. I hope I have some nice photos of you get to see.
    Regards Roland
  • Eliska Svehlakova 08/05/2006 12:26

    Hello, Tanya,

    thank you very much for your nice message :) After loocking through your gallery I need to say, that you are the expert of detail. Good eye.

    Rgs, Eli
  • Rob Wells 20/05/2005 20:06

    You have some excellent shots here, Tanya.

    I don't know how I didn't find them any sooner.

    Good Luck. Rob.
    For Kay Wölfle - The Unblemished Version ;-) Version 2
    For Kay Wölfle - The Unblemished Version ;-) Version 2
    Rob Wells
  • Kay Wölfle 17/04/2005 22:20

    Hi Tanya,

    thank You very much for Your encouraging comment!
  • Tanya Chadderton-Evans 03/04/2005 12:27

    Thanks Nazish,
    I will become a full member at end of week, so hopefully loads of pictures. I love all comments to help me improve.
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