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Thanks for the visit and all the comments.

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  • monochromo 07/05/2009 11:00

    dear susie
    thanks a lot!
    i like your b&w pictures, great moods!
    much greetings, mc (werner)
  • 13/04/2009 18:03

    thank you very much for your comments.
    Ciao Giancarlo.
    The Beach
    The Beach
  • Michael Grotkamp 27/01/2009 9:43

    Köszönöm szépen...!!! perfect.
    üdv.: Mihály
  • Stephen Moss 20/01/2009 23:25

    Hi Susie,
    Thanks for your critique of `Shadowlands` I will try to alter the crop and see if I can improve the composition.
    Regards Steve.

    P.S. Your English is far better than my
    Hungarian he-he.
  • Michael Grotkamp 20/01/2009 21:41

    Hi Susie, thank you very much for bouth kind comments. Please, put your great Pest-Duna shot on my profilside. I wish a little bit to dream. Would be great. Thank you.
    Üdv, Michael

  • monochromo 24/12/2008 20:44

    dear susie
    thanks a lot for your nice words to this!:
    merry christmas and a happy new year, mc
  • monochromo 23/12/2008 11:41

    much greetings, mc / weggi
  • monochromo 05/08/2008 23:45

    dear susie
    thank you very much for your nice words to this foto:late evening sun, thats it!
    much greetings, mc
  • monochromo 28/07/2008 21:31

    dear susie

    thank you very much for your great comments!

    much greetings from suisse, mc
  • Stephen Moss 21/07/2008 13:43

    Thanks for comenting on `last catch` it`s actually late evening,regards Steve.
  • Seval Kalin 13/07/2008 22:30

    Hi Susie..
    Thanks for your comment..:-)
  • judith Dunn 13/07/2008 22:23

    Susie many thanks to you for all of your positive comment... glad you enjoyed the potos... Judi
  • judith Dunn 12/07/2008 16:34

    Susie... Your photos are interesting and lovely. Please keep sending them in to FC and best regards... Judi Dunn
  • Andreas Joseph 30/06/2008 21:46

    hello susie ... I feel very honored to receive a good comment from you for my picture since I think you have a awesome portfolio ... greetings, andreas

  • Stephen Moss 26/06/2008 13:25

    Susie,thanks for the welcome and your kind comments on my photo`s.