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Well what should I say, thankyou for all the nice things people have been saying to me.

Im 23 and studied Graphic Design for 3 years, I bought my first SLR digital camera mid year 2004. My boyfriend works in a camera shop so we get to play with alot of the lens. I have to say thanks to my boyfriend for teaching what the hell fstop meant, and how to used it to my advantage. Now he has showed me a few thing, I am capable of teaching myself a few things.

We have started our own little business, at Im hoping one day to travel to Europe, as now I live in Western Australia, which I yet have not left Australia yet, which for me is kind of scary.

and also I love shooting landscapes and people.

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  • Boris Schnellmann 11/03/2007 22:46

    Very nice photos! I'm deep impressed!


  • JC Morgan 11/09/2005 23:38

    wow, very professional work! carry on, your style is great! greetings rolf
  • Rob Wells 19/06/2005 16:59

    You have excellent pictures. I'll look forward to seeing more.

    Take care. Rob.
  • Hans Frechen 16/05/2005 10:55

    Hallo Susan,
    I hope you feel good, nice Works

    lg Hans
  • John Moore 15/05/2005 16:56

    G'Day Susan, your destiny is mapped within your photographs, you and your boyfriend should take
    a slow trip up to the Pilbara and do some shooting, you could build a wonderful collection in no time at all.
    I wish you great success in the future and keep sharing your great work with the members of FC
    Good luck always.

    Another "Sandgropper"
  • Birdies Landscapes 15/04/2005 3:49

    wow, great pictures i found on your side, so i will come by very often...
    greating birdy
  • Jacob Rokeach 17/03/2005 22:33

    Greetings from Utah. it is hard to believe that you have only been photographing for one year. I am amazed!! Please keep up the good work, you are a natural photographer. I have never been to europe either but i am going in May for the first time.
  • Liz M 12/03/2005 13:19

    After looking at all your photos i could only come to only one conclusion your work is fantastic. Imreally looking forward to seeing alot more work from you.
    Wow, Liz.
  • Tom Gregory 05/03/2005 4:50

    Hi Susan,
    I have only just found your work as you can probably tell from the quick succession of comments. It's good to see someone using real slow shutter speeds for the majority of their work. It seems to have been very effective for you. I look forward to seeing more of your images.
    Kind regards
  • Richard Overtoom 04/03/2005 19:27

    G-day, well thank you so much :-)))
    I'd like to make the same flattering comments, so you should portrait yourself.
    Love your pics, keep it up
    regards, richard
  • Pnina Usherovitz 13/01/2005 7:01


    I was drawn in by your sunset picture on the opening page and when I found your own page I knew I had found a photographer I can enjoy and enjoy. Good work.
  • steffen s... 23/12/2004 9:39

    just "buddied" - nice christmas
  • Dirk Hofmann 22/12/2004 18:32

    hi susan!

    welcome to! your first shots here are very interesting and like elaine i'm looking forward to see more of your works ...

    i'm quite sure that you'll find a bunch of people here to share your hobby with, discuss art and technique and have a good time with ... :-)

    best wishes from el paso, tx
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 20/12/2004 10:27

    Hi Susan
    welcome to the fotocommunity.
    Amazing shots you got! Looking forward to more.
  • Martin Unger 19/12/2004 17:55

    Hi Susan!
    I can't believe what you write there, shooting for less than a year??? The work you've got in here is fantastic, I think you're in the youth of a great career! Thank you for sharing those pictures with us here!
    Greetings from Norway
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