Steven Fryer

Free Account, newcastle

About me

age 34
live in newcastle-upon-tyne
self employed
medic rescue diver-photographer
apart from my web site you can see some of my shots on various web sites, a good one is

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  • Steven Fryer 23/02/2005 5:28

    hi everyone im sure ill enjoy fotocommunity, ive been looking around and the site looks great. i think ive already made my mind up about the membership.
  • Jo Ma 22/02/2005 16:47

    Hi Steven!

    welcome here and have fun! be careful not to get addicted :o)
    hey, i was in newcastle before, it's beautiful!

    c ya, Hanne
  • JVision 22/02/2005 14:46

    Hi Steven,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. I hope you have a lot of fun here.
    Kind regards
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