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  • Sophie P 08/02/2008 10:10

    Efxaristwwww gia to comment!!
  • Mustafa Demirbas 31/01/2008 22:25

    Hi Stergios,
    Thank you.

    Mustafa Demirbas
  • Giorgos Fidanas 30/01/2008 17:20

    Geia sou Stergio...!
    Efxaristo gia ta kala sou logia...:-)
  • Takis.K 28/01/2008 17:57

    s'eucharisto gia to comment tis fotografias mou
    geiasou apo tin Stuttgardi Christos.
  • Sophie P 28/01/2008 12:03

    efxaristw gia to comment! ki emena mou aresei polu h sugkekrimenh foto..
  • Isabel2 Cruz 28/01/2008 11:47

    Thanks for your comment:)
  • Isabel2 Cruz 27/01/2008 22:00

    Thanks for your comment:)
  • Milan Bystron 24/12/2007 5:02

    Good light, much success and much beautiful photographs.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008 the wishs Milan
  • Quantxx 17/12/2007 10:49

    Thank you Stergios
  • Dolores Blanca 16/12/2007 21:13

    Gracias por tu amable comentario.
  • Vladan Doslic 14/12/2007 7:59

    Thanks for your kind comment !
    Best wishes
  • Cees Kuijs 06/06/2007 19:50

    Welcome to the
    We`re glad that you`ve found this place to share you`re passion for photography.
    You can view and comment the work of others, you can upload your own work to share it and get comments from other people around the world, and you can discuss or ask about anything you might want to know about our common interests.

    For more further help you can take a look at the following links :

    For online help, click on this link ;

    If there is still anything else you want to know, you can always ask me or an other member of the team for your questions.

    Fotocommunity is sharing your passion !!

    Well see you and have a lot of fun :-))
    Cees Kuijs, Channelmanager Nature
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