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About me

My name is Hugo Dias and I was born on 7th May 1981.
Photography is a passion for me and I look to improve my skills and knowledge in every photo. I have not attended any photography workshops or courses, everything I have learned to the date was by try and error.
As you will be able to see, in my works I try to avoid the mainstream or at least give them a different look.

I have started this project in Portugal but since I'm relocating myself to Switzerland I'll take it in my backpack ;)

If you have any interest in working with me, please feel free to contact trought ModelMayhem or by my official website you can even send me a friend request in

SoulEnslaver Photography is located in Lisboa, Almada - Portugal and Schaffhausen - Switzerland.

Available to:
do TFP / TFCD shootings (except for commercial purposes);
Travel if expenses are fully paid;
Work with other artists.

I speak Portuguese, English and understand a little of German and French.

Why SoulEnslaver?
Many tribes believe taking pictures would trap a person's soul in that piece of paper, and they are not totally wrong. Every time we take a photo we do try to capture the soul / essence of that person or place, and transmit it to main public invoking feelings and thoughts of the viewers.
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