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I'm from the old school but I sure have learned new tricks. I started taking pictures at about age 8, that was in 1950, became pro by the age of 18.
I taught myself and made a good living at it as a second job. In my mid 40's I started teaching photography and darkroom and didn't stop till 1998 when the school I was teaching in converted all the darkroom space to a computer lab. This didn't stop me so I purchased a Digital Camera and hit the books and once again went to work with another tool and a lot of experience under my belt. Went back to collage, Mass. Art and Bridgewater State, back in 2000 to get a degree and found myself back in the darkroom teaching students darkroom skills. At 65 I'm semi-retired but still love doing workshops at the local art groups. I use a Fuji S-5 Digital with my older S-1 as a backup but I still hall out the 4X5 view camera (2) and my wonderful Fuji GX680 on good days. My computers are from Apple, software is Adobe PhotoshopCS3 and Lightroom 1.4 and Corel Painter X. All my work is in ProPhoto color space,
16 bit and my workstation sports a Cintiq 21X.

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  • Jeff Burgess 09/10/2008 18:26

    Sidney.....thanks for taking a look and commenting on Eve. No, there is no HDR here. I do not know how to do HDR....only PS manipulation of multiple images and in my other works multiple self-made filters from my own photos. I do not use 'painter' type software either.
  • PaulC 13/05/2008 16:35

    thanx alot for the comment=]
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