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I am a professional Gardener. I have been taking photographs since I was 12 years old - as a hobby.
I use Fuji cameras - an f470 and an 8000fd. Some of my pictures have been taken on my Nokia 'phone - at just 5mp. I am often surprised at the quality of these pictures.
I use photography to document my work.
I still own and use a 35mm Pentax MX and an early 6x6cm twin lens reflex 120 roll film camera. These still make great photographs - but I have long since packed up my darkroom.

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  • Shoveholer aka CtG 24/11/2011 11:21

    Thanks Adele,
    I will have to trawl my pictures to find those worthy of adding to your fantastic site.
  • Adele D. Oliver 24/11/2011 5:59

    Hello and welcome! Great to see that you joined our big family. I am sure you will enjoy posting your photos and seeing the pictures of other members. I wish you lots of new friends and much fun and always "good light"!!
    greetings from Vancouver,
    Adele - Nature Channel Manager

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