Sashka Zhadan

Free Account, Kiev

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  • Hudson Valley 18/04/2005 6:13

    Great pictures
  • George Cayce 08/04/2005 9:51

    very nice portfolio.
    More!!! I want more pics ;)
  • Sashka Zhadan 04/04/2005 11:10

    Dirk Hofmann thanks, I hope I shall please with the photos on this site.
  • Dirk Hofmann 02/04/2005 7:01

    hi sasha!

    your first uploads here are very impressive and i'm quite sure that this is the right place for you: you'll find a bunch of people to discuss your hobby with, you can trade experiences and find new impressions or ideas ...
    hope you'll have the fun around here that i have since i became a member ... :-)

    will keep an eye on you ...

    best wishes from el paso, tx

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