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Hi every one and thank you for visiting my photos.
I am not a real photographer, but I try to offer my nice memories of mountain climbing programs with friends. I appreciate all comments.
Enjoy my nice memories!

All the bests.

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  • Nader Pakbaz 22/05/2012 9:13

    you Welcome to back
  • Pegah84 23/09/2011 9:34

    My Dear Friend Thx alot 4 Visiting My New Photos :-****
  • Pegah84 17/08/2011 17:25

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,Thx 4 visiting my page :xxxx :-*** I'll Try 2 Share Better Photos ASAP !!! Be In Touch Dear :x
  • traveltoys 25/07/2011 18:17

    - yes, dear sareh!!!! you met us in person!!! *smile*
    this remembers me, to add another pic... pls be patient!!
    and thank you for your visit!!!!!!! *smiiiiiile*
  • Miguel SR flowers 20/07/2011 12:56

    Thank you Sareh
    I love sharing my photography, indeed my country is beautiful, This ID here is dedicated to nature, and from april to july that's the best time for flowers here
    Best regards
  • Nader Pakbaz 05/06/2011 22:38

    kam peyda hastin?
  • Ingrid H 23/02/2011 16:56

    hi, sareh! (sorry, last time I wrote your name wrong...)
    don't worry, many of us here are not real photographers :-) and we all only try our best!
    I've seen the new pic from bastam - and I like the colours, even in this desert region the turquoise dome is so beautiful!! I had there about 3 years ago a trip on the silk road and enjoyed a lot!!
    best regards and all the best for you, ingrid h
  • Nader Pakbaz 14/02/2011 12:22

    karhey zibey az shom didam
    taht tasir gharar garaftam
    tabrik migam..........
  • Nader Pakbaz 14/02/2011 12:15

  • Ingrid H 08/02/2011 10:45

    hello, sarah, you're welcome!!
    thank you for your interest in my pics!!
    most of all your pics untill now I adore the demavand pic!! it's really worth to take part in a photo competition!!
    I wish you much fun and progress here in FC, bye, ingrid h
  • Adele Oliver 06/02/2011 19:44

    Greetings!! Glad that you found your way to Fotocommunity. A warm welcome!!! I hope you will enjoy showing your images and having a look at other members' photos. Have fun, get inspired and make many friends!!!
    best regards, Adele

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