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My name is Sara.
And i really love to take photos.
Thats my live. I dont know one thing that is better then take photos.
Its my life. Really.

I have:
Nikon Coolpix S7c.
Nikon Coolpix 300.
Photoshop cs3.
Photoshop 7.0.

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  • Ivan martínez ojeda 04/04/2007 6:35

    hi SaRa, i hope to see more of your interesting photos,never forget that you are a good photographer,especially in eyes photos =D un saludO.
    Ivan martínez ojeda
  • Giorgos Fidanas 02/03/2007 7:41

    Hi SaraForsgren. Welcome and enjoy FC. Love the idea in the image i saw, but please consider to post a little bit bigger photos, so we could really enjoy them. See you, Giorgos.
    See but not tuch
    See but not tuch
  • Tor-Henrik Furmyr 01/03/2007 23:29

    Hi there Sara, welcome to the fotocommunity! :-)
    The idea of fotocommunity is to give beginners, amateurs and professionals a place to share their passion for photography.
    You can view and comment the work of others, you can upload your own work to share it and get comments from other people around the world, and you can discuss or ask about anything you might want to know about our common interests.

    One of the admins, Dirk Hofmann, wrote a tutorial for new members, and I recommend you take a look at it. It helped me a lot when I joined:

    You can also get lots of information in our online-help. In there you can learn about the different features of fotocommunity.
    To get there click on this link:

    If there’s anything else you want to know, don't hesitate to ask me or any other member of the team if you have any questions!

    Well, see you out there :-)
    Totto (Tor-Henrik Furmyr)
    Channelmaqnager Nature
  • Robert Riley 01/03/2007 22:43

    Hi Sara, welcome. Its nice to see someone who has passion. Hope you enjoy it here!
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