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I just love to take pictures and it is a growing interest for me. I don't have a fancy/expensive camera, yet. I plan on taking this further with the purchase of a professional camera and classes on photography.

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  • Daniel Popescu 04/01/2009 8:23

    Hey Julia!

    As I can see, you don't have a fancy and expensive camera but even though your pictures are quite competitive. *congrats!*
    Sometimes simple things like being creative and having a good hand compensates the lack of not having a professional camera much better than you could imagine!
    I like your photos!

  • Julia Samuelsson 26/08/2006 15:56

    love your photos first of all :)
    I wonder if I can use some your cat photos on a horse/animal loving website calld,
    If you let me, I will be very, very happy.
  • Kellyy Schyllert 06/07/2006 12:33

    Hello my name is Kelly, I wondering if I can use your pictures, on the cat, on ? Send back please / Kelly
  • Sandra Cobos 19/08/2004 18:26

    Thank you for the warm welcome - so kind of you. I think I am going to enjoy it here :) and hopefully my photos will get better/more professional. Again thank you. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.
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