Russ Kientsch

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About me

My work, in whatever form it takes, has always held a delicate reflection of my surroundings. Being influenced by a continually evolving environment, I utilise mixed media to communicate identity in flux.

I began my artistic life as a sculptor, carving smooth body lines out of stone. My need for artistic expression saw me look to oil and canvas, creating strong abstract images for private commission.

During the 1980’s I was headhunted by a large UK publishing house to head their creative department. During this time, I employed my graphic design and photographic skills constructing powerful images of international celebrities and iconic architecture.

It was at this time that I became seduced by the mystery and symbolic strength of the photographic image. Coupled with a desire to unravel the secrets of form and shape, I began to concentrate on individual and architectural portraiture. This led me into working full time as a image-maker in the advertising industry and being represented by the world’s largest picture agency, Getty Assignments.

With the experience and a depth of passion I have for my work, I create hybrid images with impact. I continue to work in the commercial field whilst developing highly personalised images on commission for various clients abroad and in my new home, Dubai.

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