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Hi everyone. My name is Rosamund and I live in England, sadly. Im 30 going on 21, again and I intend to get every last drop of happiness out of this life that I can and while doing so hope to capture some of my moments on camera. I started of shooting a sony cybershot F828 and really enjoyed it even for a fixed lens camera but sadly thats up for sale as I now own a canon 20D with a 17-40, a 28-135, a 50mm fixed lens and I love it though a little hard to use at times.
Im a lovely person to know and thought this a great place to meet new friends with the same interests. I love living life through the lens even in the most harshest conditions that this place has to offer. Its inspiring to view some of your fantastic photographs and funny to see some of your mistakes, ones we all make.I hope in time mine will inspire some of you. Anyway, remember if all else fails around you, make sure youhave your camera and a spare battery.

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  • Hector Romero 06/04/2005 23:47

    Hello Rosamund! Welcome to FC and greetings from California! I am most certain you will enjoy it here in FC and you will not only make new friends, but they will be from every corner of the world! I have been enjoying it hear VERY MUCH, and YES! I have learned from the OH SO many that are better than I and from a few shots here and there where I would have done something quite different. See ya!
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