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NYC Photographer now living in Sunny San Diego

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  • Jasmina Asic 31/12/2004 16:01

    i like your pics a lot! :)
  • Mark Bury 20/12/2004 12:45

    Rob, appreciate the comments, thanks

  • Eylem Arslan 20/12/2004 7:10

    Thanx for your comment Rob!
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 19/12/2004 9:38

    Hi Rob
    Welcome to the fotocommunity. Lucky you living in San Diego. Never been there but I bet the weather is alot better than it is here right now.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your cool stuff.
  • Hector Romero 17/12/2004 3:05

    DUDE! A fellow Southern Californian (well OK, I'll step off the box, as I just now realized you're from New York City?)
    Are you recently from NYC? I hope you meet Elaine Grossman in here. She was from NY and is now a resident in Bonn, Germany. She was sort of my first friend and link in this predominantly German web sight. But don't misunderstand!, I have found it to be AWESOME and SO impressive how well everyone knows English! Enjoy your stay here, it's GREAT. I have learned so much and gained GREAT FRIENDS.
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