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About me

A bit about me...

Studied the technical stuff at college.
spent hours in the dark
sniffed far too much fixer
saw no daylight
quit for 8 years

bought a digital camera.
a lot less dark
no fixer
more daylight
8 years later...
almost making a living from it...

Stuff I use?
Nikon + Fuji

Why Nikon?
Because the red flash on the Nikon handgrip matches the stitching on the leather seats in my Maserati.

Why Fuji?
Because they use a Nikon body (see above) and the fuji sensor is.... well, you have to try it for yourself to understand.

Comments 78

  • Darinka Mladenovic 01/01/2009 13:39

    I wish you and your family happy New year Daeinka
  • Robert L. Roux 31/03/2008 16:20

    should i ever visit flanders's fields
    in search of poppies
    i will look you up
    we seldom see maseratis
    in the northland ... ;-))
    canadian greetings
  • Heinz J. Theis 18/02/2008 9:19

    Just took a stroll through your gallery. You got very impressive and inspiring pictures. Like them a lot.
    Greetings, Heinz
  • Sahin S. 12/11/2007 3:21

    your photos are very beautiful.
    best regards,
  • Diana Davidson 10/07/2007 16:34

    Thank you for the comment, Rob. Hope you're well~
  • When 08/07/2007 23:01

    Cool profile. Kilroy wuz here.
  • tOuChsTOnE 21/06/2007 21:19

    cheers mate, thats what i was thinking when i called it talking heads. i get the impression she's wondering the same thing...
    nice one,
  • Denise Woerdman 06/02/2007 22:54

    Thnx Rob! Greetings Denise
  • Dennis Veldman 23/12/2006 17:25

    Hey Robbedob!
    We Wish You A Merry Xmas And A MF'ing GREAT NEW YEAR!!
    Can't wait to meet you!
    All the best
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 22/12/2006 21:30

    Hey Christmas Grinch!!!
    Just want to wish you a most fabulous New Year in 2007. I look forward to more of your intuitive comments and fabulous photography. Cheers from Vancouver. Patrick..
  • Daren Borzynski 03/12/2006 15:11

    Very Nice Photos Rob
    Will be watching for more photo.
    Like the Profile too.
  • Jacqueline Chay 19/11/2006 11:26

    Hi Rob, Thank you very much for your input on my pic, Yes i did use a Tripod and i did try several exposure comps, i think, as you say that its the shutter release that i need to look at, i will try the self timer Thank you - Jackie
  • Grace Frean 17/11/2006 11:03

    Hi, thanks for your wonderful comment :) I really love your photographs too Grace x
  • Josep Gil 15/11/2006 0:21

    Thanks for your comments
    Mimo estàtic
    Mimo estàtic
    Josep Gil
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