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I consider myself as an amateur photographer. I liked the photography subject since my childhood, but manage to buy my own camera couple of years ago. My first camera is Canon EOS 300 with a standard 28-80mm Canon lens. Later bought the Tamaron 70-300mm lens (because I can not afford to buy the Canon lens).

Currently I am living in Dubai, UAE because of my profession (working as a software consultant) but I am originally from Sri Lanka (small Island nation in the Indian Ocean). During my free time and when the weather permits (middle-east weather) I enjoy taking nature photographs. Although there is very limited subjects here in UAE compared to my mother country in terms of nature photograph opportunities I would like to try new viewpoint, new idea every time I shoot.

I appreciate and thank everyone who would like to help me to become a better photographer. Your experience and knowledge will be a vast resource pool for a person like me who is new to the photography arena. So please criticize my work, analyse my work and most importantly guide me and help me to become a better photographer.

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  • Sarndra 15/05/2005 11:18

    Hi Ravi :-)

    Thank you for your comment on my Waterlicious Lilly photo... indeed some pics are worth it!!!
  • Anastasya I. 25/01/2005 15:42

    Hello, Ravindira:
    I need to discuss this with Nicolà, talk later.
    you photo is very beautiful, me add you to buddies, comment them later. :)

  • Regina Ray 28/10/2004 15:14

    i think your photos are beautiful!
  • Tony AKa fototaker 06/10/2004 13:45

    i liked seeing your pictures. i think they are very well created and very pleasing to the eye. you should be proud of yourself and in how you handle the camera!!!

    take care!!!
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