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I am an archaeologist and MA student in Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.
I love photography. I started to learn photography in 2000 with Pentax P30 (analog). Then, I gave a break until bought a new camera wihch is Sony A350 in January, 2009.

I am here to learn the photography and share my photos with you.

Have a nice day :)

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  • deep-x 16/11/2009 15:27

    merci for merci :)
  • Vasily Gureev 23/09/2009 9:22

    Thank you.

  • Murat Kurt 07/07/2009 23:49

    Fotokritik'teki "Günün Fotografi"ni; çekeni kutlarim..
  • deep-x 04/07/2009 21:44

    Thanx... :-)
  • Yiannis Logiotatides 01/07/2009 17:25

    Welcome on FC. Your photos are great.
    R Yiannis
  • deep-x 01/07/2009 9:52

    Hi :-)
    Thank you for comment my friend :-)
  • polatulusoy 30/06/2009 19:26

    I've just look the new camera that is Sony A380 on the web and they seem very similar :)

    I am very new on this site and I don't know many features of site like are there EXIF information of photos or the camera information of users, but I am learning :)

    thanks for answering.

    have a nice day.
  • MatzeLXXIX 30/06/2009 19:16

    no, that's just an old dsc-h1, but it makes fine pictures and is very compact, so i still use it, if i don't want to carry around heavy eos stuff ;-)
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