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PhotoSPURS (Patrick) was originally born in Far East tropical West New Guinea (Indonesia) and left that country for the land of his ancestors : Netherlands, at the age of 3.

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  • aveline75 17/10/2018 18:39

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    Hello My Dear My name is Joyce, I have something important which I will love to share with you but not in a public site like this, Could you please contact me direct

    at ( ) for more details God bless.

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  • Gabriele Gatta 20/01/2013 10:47

    Thank you for your nice comment and your friendship request, your portfolio is very nice too!
  • PhotoSPURS 13/01/2013 10:45

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Adele !
  • Adele Oliver 13/01/2013 5:09

    Hello and a warm welcome to the big and crazy world of ..... I wish you lots of fun showing your images and lots of new friends and inspiration from their work.
    greetings from Canada,
    Adele - Nature Channel Manager
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PhotoSPURS has been making pictures ever since the mid-70s of the 20th century, using a simple Agfa pocket camera. His very first system camera was the Praktica MTL-3, purchased on June 26, 1982 with a real electronic flash unit : 718A. That camera was followed up by the electronic camera Canon AE-1 Program, which matched perfectly with two Tokina ATX lenses (17mm and 28-85 zoom). In between, he experimented both with the Minolta 35DL for underwater use, and the Pentax 115E (June 1994). In the year 2001, Patrick entered the digital era with the 2 Megapix Sony Cybershot. After the Nikon Coolpix 5000 in March 2002, Patrick became the owner of a black Nikon D70 camera (firmware upgraded to a D70s). The Panasonic Lumix FZ28 replaced them on August 30, 2008 : a beautiful compact camera - lightweight with an all-in-one wide angle superzoom lense, ranging from a 27mm to an almost incredible 500mm. A camera excellent for use on holidays. Since January 23, 2010 he chose the Nikon SB-900 as an external autofocus flash unit, being the run-up to his present Nikon D300s camera.