Peter S Baumbusch

Free Account, Stuttgart

About me

About me:

Born and raised in Germany. I also lived in Austria and the US.

I really can't remember when I started taking pictures. Maybe I was between 6 and 8 when I got a simple camera (Agfa ISO Rapid) for my birthday. In the age of 14 or 15 I started with my own darkroom in B/W.

In 1997 I started to use digital cameras with a Fuji DS7 followed by the Olympus C 1400L (aka D600). The 'real' digital photographie started for me with the Olympus E-10 and my analog equipment is used less and less.


Olympus OM-2 + Winder1
Olympus OM-2sp + Winder2
Zuiko 50mm 1/1.4
Vivitar 28mm 1/2.8
Soligor 70-150mm 1/3.5
Soligor 35-200mm 1/3.8-4.8
Olympus T-32
Olympus XA + A11

Olympus C-1400L
Olympus E-10 + WCON-08B + TCON-14B + LIPO Battery Holder B-30LPS
Olympus E-1
Power Battery Holder HLD-2
Zuiko 7-14mm 1/4.0
Zuiko 14-54mm 1/2.8-3.5
Zuiko 50-200mm 1/2.8-3.5
Tele Converter EC-14
Extension Tube EX-25
Olympus FL20
Metz 54MZ-3 SCA3202-M3
Canon IXUS V
Pentax 430RS

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