Patricia Ann-Rosemarie Ippolito

Free Account, Lindenhurst

About me

I love to take pictures of many different things. I love to write and I want to combine the two. I love to take pictures of swans. I am using a Olympic Digital Camara 5MG Pixial camara. I am an ordained chaplain and love to tell others about Jesus. I am a multi title Pageant and award holder. I am presently Ms. Empire State America Ambassador. I love to write poetry and articles. I attend Bringham Young University School of Indepentent Study. I am also finished up classes in interior decorating and antiques from KLC School of Interior Decorationg and Design in Chelse Harbor, England. I hope to become a write/photo Journalist. I have many interests. I will add my web address as soon as it is finished.

Please post comments to me about my photos and write me I love pen-pals from overseas.
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