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Beauty Is The Key To See The Life

My major is computer graphic and I'm working as a graphic designer.
I believe that photography is the way that you look at something.
So we could share our experiences to take unobtainable events and see different kinds of everyone's view.

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  • mohmad amin zakerhosiny 19/03/2011 11:28

    salam nahidd jan
    sale noo mobaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • nasim 06/12/2010 14:55

    Hi dear Nahid!
    Where are you? Did you return to the moon again?!
    We are waiting for your interesting photos:)

  • Nader Pakbaz 14/07/2010 16:38


    khoshhal shodm
  • nasim 13/04/2010 17:56

    Beautiful cowboy:)
  • Golesorkh 29/03/2010 19:49

    Salam, sale no mobarak, sad sal beh az in salaha....
  • S Mattox 23/03/2010 0:23

    Thank you for posting....are you the poet? I find it fascinating:) S
    Soft Touch....Sigh
    Soft Touch....Sigh
    S Mattox
  • S Mattox 21/03/2010 18:57

    I love the what you posted! Thank you.. S
    Old Smokey
    Old Smokey
    S Mattox
  • Nader Pakbaz 17/03/2010 10:14

    mamnon az lotf shoma
  • nasim 16/03/2010 21:47

    Sale khoobi barat arezoomandam!
    Full of happiness and success!

  • Majid mehraban 15/03/2010 7:00

    chashm avalin aksi ke be dastma bereshe inkaro mikonam,mesle shoma ke nistim koli a zkhodemun aks dahsteh bashim:D
  • nasim 18/02/2010 17:20

    I see a semi-pic of an Indian girl?
  • Majid mehraban 01/02/2010 6:52

    Thanks for your comments,na digeh torshi nemikhoram.baz ke gir dari be in jako junevara ke...
    mibinam ke profile photo jadid mizari che ajab az in tarafa
  • Fryzor 09/01/2010 23:19

    It was a pleasure having a look at your pictures and we´ll stay in touch hopefully...
    With best regards,
  • Majid mehraban 06/01/2010 14:49

    thanks my dear friend.yeah it was great and lovely trip but extremely cold.I have some photos as you can see in my profile and also in facebook.Im not sad in my new profile pic be sure but i love it so r u is everything fine?
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