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I started to love photography since beginning of 2006 especially in respect of nature...I'm always astonish to see how much a photograph can impact human interest and way of thinking....
I learn a lot from nature and its habit and since I am a part of nature I have to be in harmony with it...
I hope I can share my photos which fit to these categories...

I'm using following gadgets :
Camera : Nikon D200;Nikon D70s; Coolpix 4200
Lens : Tamron Di 90 Macro 1:1; Nikkor 18-200 VR;
Nikkor 18-70; Sigma 12-24; Sigma 70-200
Flash : SB-800
Others : AET Kenko

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  • Zahangir Kabir 07/06/2007 5:23

    Hi Musin Yohan
    I like your works very much. you have EXCELLENT portfolio.
    ...happy girl
    ...happy girl
    Zahangir Kabir
  • Helmut Schadt 06/10/2006 0:45

    Lieber Musin,
    ich weiß jetzt, dass du nicht nur ein bisschen, sondern sehr gut Deutsch kannst, pasti pintar sekali bahasa Jerman :-)).
    Recht herzlichen Dank für deinen Eintrag in meinem Profil und die vielen Anmerkungen zu meinen Bildern. Alles hat mich sehr gefreut. Natürlich kannst und sollst du mich Helmut nennen, du ist sowieso hier üblich. Es freut mich immer wieder Freunde aus meinem geliebten Indonesien hier zu finden. Vielleicht treffen wir uns ja tatsächlich einmal in Indonesien oder in Deutschland.
    Recht liebe Grüße und salam hangat dari Jerman ke Bogor,
  • Maguire 03/10/2006 13:21

    Thank you

  • John Holmes 21/09/2006 21:30

    welcome and thanks. you have some great macros. well done. my wife and i travel to bali in the next month. take care, jh
  • Erwin Ardli 12/09/2006 11:57

    hallo Bro.....

    ketemu lagi di sini :)
    alles gute ....

    lg erwin
  • Susie Q 11/09/2006 11:42

    Musin - thank you again for visiting my portfolio and providing feedback on my uploads; it's much appreciated ...
    Susie :o)
  • Rieva Azrul A 11/09/2006 10:07

    welcome to FC om :)
    hope u enjoy it
  • Susie Q 10/09/2006 9:52

    Thank you for visiting my portfolio - very much appreciate you taking the time to view and comment on my post ...
    Susie :o)
  • Robert L. Roux 08/09/2006 18:05

    hi musin
    welcome to fotocommunity -
    your first pictures are e x c e l l e n t !
    (and thanks for stopping by mine ;-))
    greetings from the canadian north
    howdy stranger
    howdy stranger
    Robert L. Roux
  • Iain Mackillop 08/09/2006 10:09

    Thanks for the comments Musin.
  • Marie Strydom 07/09/2006 12:59

    Thank you very much for viewing my photos and for the great comments. Best wishes. Marie
    Silent Hunter
    Silent Hunter
    Marie Strydom
  • Clair O'Toole 07/09/2006 2:41

    Thank you for the comment. =D
  • Dirk Hofmann 06/09/2006 19:46

    i also want to say: "welcome"

    hope you enjoy your stay and find some new friends around here pretty soon ... :-)

  • Peter Mertz 06/09/2006 18:12

    Hello Musin,

    Welcome the the

    The spirit of Fotocommunity is to share knowledge, inspiration and thoughts as a team. Everyone can participate and everyone will share his experiences.
    So I hope you will enjoy it and if you have further
    questions don't hesitate to contact anybody from the support team.

    Our info system is up right now but it is growing permanent:

    cheers Peter
    Channelmanager Nature
  • Budi Herawan 06/09/2006 10:26

    welcome aboard Sir.

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