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About me

Finally there is a fotocommunity that I understand :-) great !!!

I am not modelling much anymore, only sometimes when I have the time for it. But I will post some of my pictures now and then to stay in touch.

It would be great to meet some other models or photografers through this international community. I am always travelling, so maybe one day I will be near you.

You can find me here in the next months:

France, Poland, Germany and Thailand
Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Austria
Hungary, Holland, Germany and Egypt
Italy, France, Poland and Holland

(these tours are for DJing, not for modelling !)

To everybody out there...
have fun in the fotocommunity and not get frustrated by the amount of idiots here... the world is still a great place to be and most people here are also really nice !

Have fun...


Profilefoto: Typhen Graphie, Andreas Lehrke
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