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About me

About me

My name is Milan and I´m living in small town in Slovenia, Trzic.

To photograph is my hobby Nr. 1 and during the last shorty forty years it has become a really big passion. I love seeing the world through my camera because it´s opening the eyes for things, that You don´t see by the first view.

Thanks to everyone, who´s watching my pictures!

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  • dolphine 02/01/2016 22:04

    Your photo of the horses is a poem...
    Happy New Year and Best Wishes, Milan!
  • Mirjam Burer 06/01/2015 12:38

    thank you Milan...Your gallery is most impressive, I just looked into it...
    lg, Mirjam
  • Jerry Eifel 04/01/2015 20:29

    Very great photos, I like them very much! Jerry Eifel
  • Mirjam Burer 04/01/2015 14:28

    have a beautiful and above all healthy 2015 Milan, thank you for your comment..
    lg, Mirjam
  • ritaweis 02/01/2015 10:33

    Your photos of horses are excellent!!!!!!! All my respect & admiration! Rita
    PS.: I wish you a happy new year!
  • Mirjam Burer 11/10/2014 10:23

    thank you Milan, have a beautiful weekend,
    lg, Mirjam
  • LadyNoone 20/05/2014 21:13

    milan malovrh

    Hi, Milan,
    Your gallery of horses is the most incredible I've ever seen. That's beautiful like a dream. You have the imagination and talent of the true painter. Admire your works.
    Best regards,
  • Jurzburg 03/02/2013 15:35

    Hello Milan,
    deine Fotos und die Bearbeitung sind ganz wundervoll. Beim Betrachten habe ich das Gefühl, dass das Licht, die Düfte und Kraft und GEfühle spürbar sind! Ganz großes Lob von mir!!!
  • nancy94 22/12/2012 20:21

    Your photos are like from my dreams.
    Congratulations of the best pictures I've ever seen/
  • Glenn Capers 17/06/2012 22:20

    tht's a wonderful horse in the pond reflection.. Like one's world always upside down with every other stop. great thinking friend
  • Silvana W. 26/05/2012 22:26

    Compliments for your work***.Is very interesting,original and wonderful**
    Best regards
  • Cigdem A. BEKLER 20/05/2011 16:18

    Dear sir,
    Your horse phtos are really impressing, congratulations...
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