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  • CHIS PAUL 16/05/2005 7:38

    Thanks for comment...:-)
    Paul Chis
  • Aanand Jain 18/04/2005 16:24

    Thank you for comment. Actually it is the same car what you are thinking. But it is displayed in IIT bombay campus in india during Mood indigo-2004.
  • Volker Rein 07/04/2005 18:58

    Hallo Miguel,

    so take some pictures from your Portugal and show them to us, and when you have a closer look into my pictures you will see it also. I dont understand your comment, of course you can see underwear on lines also here in Germany, and I think that has nothing to do with poor people etc.

    kind regards
  • Frank Siebert 06/04/2005 21:03

    hi Miguel,

    thanks for your comment.

    I wouldn´t find any better words discribing this picture that well.

    Enjoy your stay at FC.

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