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Michael Lunse

Basic Member, Calgary

About me

After an absence of a dozen or so years I am back. I have learned a lot about myself and photography and taken many photographs in the process. These days It is a time of more reflection than exploration / experimentation ... but I have learned to include more people in my shots although they tend to be the more personal ones which include my extended family. In the 50 or so years I have been taking photographs I have realized that no matter how much I have learned, it is really only very little in the big scheme of things.

Nature is my subject matter of choice - both in the distant, mid range and close range style. I am fascinated by the textures, colors, details and light of nature and strive to capture the often missed details you can lose sight of in grand landscapes.

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My earliest photographs while growing up were done via various point and shoot film cameras, well into my early 20's. Then I began using a Pentax film camera and eventually migrated to a low end Nikon digital camera. Once my interest in photgraphy became more earnest I moved to a Pentaxs 1stDS. After a year or so I migrated to the Canon 5Dx series and stayed with them for several years and iterations through to the Mark 2. I leaped to the 1Dx and stayed with it for several years adding a mirrorless M3 to the mix for those situations were size was an issue. Eventually age and practicalities set in and I went to a much smaller kit focues around the Panasonic Lumix D9 and those handfull of keys lens my Canons years taught me were conducive to my style. Today I am most happy with my Lumix and would recommend it to all amatuers looking to simplify their rig without giving up on performance. I am at the end of my photgrap[hy journey now and happy with what I have got and have had.

During my Canon years I resisted Adobe software and used Canons' DPP software for post production. Once I went to Panasonic I knew I would have to finally embrace Adobe which I have done and wonder why I didn't do so earlier ... oh yes I remember now, because they insist on doing so much in a non-Windows way that it it frustrated the heck out of me ... I finally learned to do it their way and it works wonderfully, but I do think their non-Windows style and approach of doing so many things is their loss.